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Love Me As I Am

Love me as I am Regardless of my flaws my heart remains pure Love me as I am for my heart is here to stay when situations seems unbearable whisper in my ear reassure me you'll always be near Please love me as I am perfecting my bad appreciating my good..... Visit my website to read the the full poem http://tawanasworldofpoetry.webr.ly


Your braveness was never in vein Your courage allowed you to gain Your passion for music gave you a piece of mind keeping you sane You waited patiently now your futute has begun You came a long way you have made it your victory is here to stay Open up doors to a brighter future Walk into a world of success & so much more Author : T.B


The day I reach heaven I'll know my God has forgiven me for all my sins Heaven is a place I don't want to miss A world where suffering evil & death doesn't exist When I close my eyes I imagine heaven is all my heart ever desired The thought of heaven makes me feel so elated The day I make it to heaven I'll say thank you dear God I finally made it


A rose is more than a flower A rose justifies pain deep inside Scars that go far beyond your pride A rose symbolizes strength dignity loyalty & respect from with-in Look deep inside your heart thats where it all begins rose is pure soft & gentle like an ocean wave A rose stem is part of your pain the top is your recovery no need to be ashamed

Love Battles

Love have many values Love can last a life time depending on who you choose Love is a combination of bitter and sweet Ups or downs what an amazing treat

Stanza Love is like medicine At times it can be complicated you get confused on where to begin The closer i get to love my heart beats faster day by day Our love grows stronger as feelings become deeper I knew from the start you was a keeper

Stanza Love comes with hard work The more you put in there is a great chance youll make it til the end Dont ever give in know in your heart you was born to win

My Bio

I am a poet/songwriter I have published two books and my 3rd one will release on Dec. 23rd. I really enjoy free styling with my wtiting as I pour out words & lyrics from the heart. I enjoy writing I must say its very relaxing althou it can be a bit challenging at times, but it is definitely for me. Majestic Records is publishing my 1st. gospel song I need you Lord it is soon to be released.