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It's all in the family...

We as Them Kids are so happy to announce, that it is official! Kat and Geoff tied the knot on September 6 making Them Kids a real family band. Geoff is of course the youngest son of Spaz Moorehead, our own "Mama", who is a powerhouse in her own right. With a new all-original project on the horizon, Them Kids is going through a lot of amazing changes. So keep your eyes peeled!


Moonlight and sunbeams have nothing on me. They don't penetrate. They don't heal. They just distract. Truth in love and truth in faith are hard to find. Yet I still walk this path, guarded, trying to find my way. Words are thick and thoughts are thicker. Unshielded from the ways my heart tries to turn me from the inevitable. Unable to keep myself safe, I don't know if I can stay in one piece. But my feet still move beneath me and find their way assured. My heart still pounds within me, steady even through its racing. My breath still flows through me, despite the chill crisp of the air. My words are my own. I am my own. I am here.