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The recording is coming along nicely but as usual it's taking longer then expected. We've removed the demo cuts from the site as the quality was not to our standards. New songs will be added as mastered. While the Murk Sucks is being donated to Texoma Rocks II CD to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. All proceeds from CD sales will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. This project is being sponcered by Texoma Scene magazine and it's publisher Roger Garza. We've also been invited to play Jamfest so if you've been waiting for a local show it will be your chance to get your Halo on. Event date and location is to be announced. You'll know when we do. Our heart felt thanks to everyone that been supporting us and loving our music. It looks like 2013 going to be the year of Halo.

Recording again

Yes people we are back in the saddle. The computor and software issues have been resolved. Saturday we put 12 hours work in laying tracks. HOMESICK & WHILE THE MURK SUCKS is in the can and ready for post production and mastering. This week were staying hard at it. Today were laying down drum, bass, vocals and guitar for FEVERANT THING, BURNING MAN & SHELL. It's coming together. It's so nice having an engineer that knows what he's doing..


We had a software crash that's held up recording but we have obtained new software to fix the problem. We're back in the studio this week and for the forseeable future. We hope to have SOMETHING LIQUID THIS WAY COMES in the can by Thanksgiving. Thats right you'll be able to stuff your favorite rockers stocking with the newest Halo tunes. The CD will be avalible for direct sales at our shows, on line through paypal and we'll ship direct to you, or digitally on all the major music sites world wide.

The Storm

Ever had a day when everything went wrong? That was yesterday. First we lost one side of our main power amp which made the vocals inpossible to push. Then the heavens opened up on us and drenched all of our equipment. We weathered the storm by pushing as much as we could to center stage and ripped our shirts off to cover the amp heads and guitars. Then the truck and trailer got stuck in the mud. We had to chain tow it out. Now we wait a few days and see if everything drys ok and we cross our fingers that the amps and mixers are ok. We need to make sure everythings completely dry before we plug em in and run juice through em. Wish us luck.


Due to delays beyond our control we've been delayed in recording. Yesterday we got news that we're all set and there should be no further delays so, After the rally show we're going to dedicate some time to get SOMETHING LIQUID THIS WAY COMES finished and in the can. We know you all have been very patient and we thank you for the understanding. We'll make the wait worth it as we've written a couple new songs that just have to be included on this album. We love each and every one of you. BLH


Well, we've finally started our reverbnation page. This will be the go to site for our music and videos. We in BLH hope you enjoy the site. It will continue to grow as we add content.