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In For The Win


After such a busy and exciting weekend (in particular Sat 26th Jan) I feel the need to share my overwhelming joy with everyone! Firstly I was glad to see the weekend after the first week of my teaching placement ended. Secondly and more importantly I was extremely excited to be performing 3 different shows on Saturday, the first at 102 Club Dumfries, the second at The Coach & Horses, Dumfries and the third at The Corinna, Perth...I know crazy right?! The first show at 102 Club began approx. 3pm, I arrived around 2.30pm after having missed my train and then having to sweet-talk mother into driving me through to get me there on time! I had a quick pint (thank you Alex) and promptly began playing my set to a captive audience. It was a great wee gig to start the day with a terrific bunch of folk in the crowd (thanks for coming Mr Caskie) who all really lifted my spirits for the whole day. Once finished, I had to move swiftly round to the Coach & Horses to get ready for phase 2. When I arrived I was surprised, shocked even that the pub was so full I couldn't even get in the front door! WOW! I began to worry...not because I couldn't get in but because there were so many people. While waiting I heard a few numbers by the band before me (I forget their name, apologies guys) who were rockin' the place with some good 'ol blues.Before long it was my turn to shine and I'm very pleased to say that the crowd in there were one of the best I've ever had, AMAZING! I played through my set of original materials and a selection of covers which included 'She's Not There', 'Just The Two Of Us' and 'Dream Catch Me'...I'm assuming by the reactions people seemed to enjoy it, as did I...every moment! Sadly I couldn't stick around too long, not even for Bombskare who were on later in town, as I had to get my Jolly Holly ass up to Perth to compete in the Battle Of The Bands finals, hosted by none other than Jim Gellatly! The drive up to Perth was fine (was a bit concerned after the weather we'd had but no problems). I arrived at The Corinna just after 9pm to discover I had been drawn last to perform which wasn't until 12.25am!!! After another beer and a fish supper, and of course witnessing some kick-ass bands the time eventually arrived. Time for all or nothing... I performed 5 original songs and one cover, sticking to a time limit of 25 mins max and the crowd there were phenomenal (I think the drink may have helped). I was just happy to perform in the finals and make it thus far, but after a nail-biting 20 minute wait or so the results were in...Eeeek.

...I couldn't believe it when Jim announced my name as joint first along with Bar Room Crawl! I almost pee'd and cried!!! I was overwhelmed at WINNING.

And the prizes?...

* A performance at Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival (details to follow later in the year)

* A performance at the Scottish New Music Awards! (more details to follow)

* some recording time, photo shoot and gift voucher

A very generous reward and I am more than pleased to have been so fortunate. Anyway I am rambling on, I must get off here and go to bed as I'm teaching in the morning again. Please keep checking back for show updates and of course the debut E.P updates as the recording begins in the next week or so!

Exciting times.

Right, enough from me, well one last thing...also got the No.1 spot on the Reverb Nation chart this weekend too!!! Could it get any better?!

Thanks for all the continuing support from friends, family and fans. Without you none of this would be possible. A special thanks to Uncle John for driving me to victory. Cheers.

All the best, BH



Well it's been only a short while since joining the lovely folks here at Reverb Nation and so far so good! I've found some pretty cool people on here and heard some fantastic music! I'm excited at what lies ahead as I plan an album as soon as I can afford to do one...(that means a whole lot of busking!)


Thanks to everyone for the support I've received so far.More coming your way soon!