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Lazy Saturdaze

Funny thing happened to me recently, my Mother had recently come to me and asked me to write a song for my Father who had passed away 10 years ago this year. When I thought about it I realized that I had already written that song. "Lazy Saturdaze" was that song. I definitely had him in mind when I wrote this song. I was imagining what his perfect day would be. I admit some of the things mentioned in that song my Father probably wouldn't have done, but for the most part it was exactly him. Waking up early watching the sunrise, driving to some remote look out, and overall really enjoying another day alive. I believe he lived his life to the fullest... even the little things. So here is a toast to my Father. I love you, and I miss you everyday.

Brother Cain

So I just uploaded another song onto ReverbNation.com. It's a song called Brother Cain. I did previously released Brother Cain on Carnuba's Palms CD. For this mix I ended up fixing my vocals, remixing the drums and pretty much it's a new ov er all mix. Funny thing is, I went onto my Myspace account not too long ago and saw that this song had actually gotten about 3400 plays! I was pretty astonished seeing as how I don't think that I ever promoted the song that much. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of this song as it did come to me in a dream. I think I wrote the song in about 20 minutes upon waking up. I think this recording did it justice.

I want to thank my boys in Carnuba (Gavin, Jimmy, and Brandon) for helping me record this song and I especially want to thank Scott Belleri for doing an excellent job playing the violin. I really think that it totally brought extra life to the song. So... Enjoy!

Just set up my ReverbNation account.

Figuring out all the neat things it can do.