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Winter Hibernation

Howdy GOTians! Taking our little annual winter hibernation while Dawn is "wintering" in Florida through March. Rest assured, we will be coming back with a vengeance in April, and in the meantime will be working on our summer schedule and working up some new tunes for all y'all!

Blues & Greens

Hey all, Kristin here. I missed you all last Saturday at the Blues & Greens gig. But I have been informed by my sources that it was a fun night, with a big happy crowd! Thanks for coming out, and I'll be back on November 2 at The Dickens Opera House, with three new holes in my belly!! (Viewings for an additional fee?) Muah, Kristin

Pictures of Lafayette Art Night Out?

Oy! Totally forgot to get pictures of Hilary Freeman's bass debut with GOT at the Lafayette Art Night Out. Anybody out there get any shots? Photo credits and free hugs for life from Dawn.