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Ruffling Feathers

Sometimes I just sit down and try to write. Not just for my music but as a poet too. Lately this topic has been getting at me so I wrote on it. Let me know what yall think, maybe we can start up a discussion.

New to the game but I been ready/ I’m too steady/ Flows bout to flood the game like broken levies/Sorry New Orleans/ Just one more shout-out to the city damn near forgotten now/ Was once the guinei pig to see how long could FEMA wait before comin out/ Maybe Bush pocketed the money saved by not running/ At the call of danger so he’s prolly stuntin in Ranger/ Or better yet he saved it, so when his grandkids head off to U of Texas/ That’ll prolly pay their tuition/ I bet that sound a lil sickening/But hell it aint’ no different/ Than niggas ballin just to look good like tomorrow ain’t existing/ And unless God coming then that sun gon rise/ With the IRS outside repossessing ya fuckin ride/ We always blaming somebody else/ And to some extent you right/ I’ve been discriminated against and it prolly changed my life/ I’ve been singled out like a one-hit wonder/For the color of my skin/ Not my intelligence or the soul I have within/ I guess that could change my outlook/ I guess it does/ I’m no longer the person that I was/ The only handouts that are given is by the government/ So they can quarantine the takers for generations subsequent/ To this one/ You ain’t getting shit for free/ Take it only if you need/If you do it for the greed/ Then yo daughter’s daughter will end up there/Without a care/ Waitin for the next check in the mail/that LIFE has no bail/ Now they giving away cell phones with text and minutes/ Don’t get a job, just stay at home/ Here’s a phone/Text ya bitches/ And ya weed man so he can know where to pitch it/ Just to get both yall caught, now u locked in the system/Slick business But take a look around and you’ll get it/ The same ones beggin for checks and aint’ workin/Same one chirpin/ Bout how they are the oppressed/That the world against and ain’t nothing but/ Checks to get/You ain’t oppressed u just lazy/Not lookin for nothing/ You worried bout bandanas, blunts and parties/Instead of non-government support/ For ya new born son/ But you got ya whole word paid for/ Off ya couch you haven’t moved/ I wonder will welfare stop after we get the/ Equivalent of 40 acres and a mule/