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CD Release

Finally after so much time, the CD is out. It was a great experience and came out so cool with the help of my fellow musicians: Lisa Mann, John Neff, Skip Von Kuske, Casey McBride and others... Looking forward to my CD Release parties...

Shows Scheduled

We're trying to slow down to get in the studio but shows dates continue. Places we have waited to play are now responding. Have to strike while the fires hot. 2014 is going to be an exciting year. Thank you for all your continued support.


If you missed the show last night, Perry did a great job on Kouvradio.com


So Many Exciting Things

West Coast Songwriters Finals are coming up in a couple weeks. Perry is recording tSha La la in the Moonlight, his winning song, for all to hear. As an emerging artist for SuperCuts,we are waiting to hear about some personal appearances that should happen next month. At the end of May, Perry returns to Alberta Rose Theatre for a great night with a super lineup of artists. He's lining up gigs and parties for the summer and things are great as he continues as #7 Songwriter in Portland on Reverbnation. Congrats for all the good news.

Making music

Since Tonic Lounge, Perry played with his Ocean Band and competed in the West Coast Singer Songwriters Competition.. Tonight at Sea Hag, Tuesday at Mac & Cheesery, next Saturday night at Snug Harbor with the Ocean again... Looking forward to doing some recording and videos in April..

Busy Times

Thanks to everyone that came out to Tonic Lounge..what an awesome night..we will post a video soon. Perry will be playing with his band The Ocean tomorrow night 3/15 and again at the end of the month 3/30. We are really looking forward to the west Coast Singer Songwriters Competition next week at Buffalo Gap...

El Roots Cafe Mazatlan

Another great jam night at El Roots Cafe. These guys really enjoyed Perry's cool tunes.

International Rock Star

Photos and Videos coming soon. Perry had a great time, played several venues and met many musicians..

Alberta Rose and Beyond

This is an exciting night to play a cool refurbished venue. Lots of great musicians coming together to support each other. Take a moment, buy a ticket and come out to support these indie artists. They can't do it without your help. Perry is super excited to play to such a large gathering... Free Perry Gerber picks to our newest fans. Next stop Mazatlan Mexico where Perry has two gigs already on the books...2013 is going to be a great year. Rock on People!!!

Happy New Year 2013

Its been weeks of being sick which started after the Aflac Christmas Party. Perry played with his Ocean Band Saturday before NYE and it was an amazing night. Then they rocked in the New Year at the Eventuary where people danced the night away and really enjoyed the show. We are looking forward to 2013. Much more to come.