SAGAFOO BAND HISTORY SagaFoo (solo album) Sasha sagafoo) Karn- Drums, guitar, bass, vocals. Chris Todd Davis - guitars, backing vox songs recorded with this lineup "shattered glass" "anger management" "reputation" "Skating USA" "Every Days a Holiday" "kill my boss" Reputation is featured on the "Got To FOO" KISS tribute album. Peek– A- Boo Machete 1996-1998 Troy Date – Vocals/Bass/FX Dave Miller – Samples/Voice/FX Sasha Karn – Drums/Vocals Jason Buzzard – Guitar/Violin recorded one studio album with this lineup

Ugly Truth 1990-95 Dave Weldon – Vocals/Gtr Troy Date – Bass/Vocals Sasha Karn – Drums 2 studio albums were recorded with this lineup "sugar high" and self titled. several concerts were filmed.

Thee Ugly Truth Dave Weldon – Vocals/Gtr 1991' Brian Bergman – Bass Sasha Karn - Drums a video for "name o love" was recorded with this lineup.

Catastrophic Aaron Lind – Vocals 1990'/ 91' Dave Carter – Gtr Dave Cooper – Grt Joel Reeder – Bass Sasha Karn – Drums one studio album was recorded with this lineup and several concerts filmed.

Catastrophic Disaster Aaron Lind – Vocals 1989'/90' Dave Carter – Gtr Dave Hill – Grt Joel Reeder – Bass Sasha Karn - Drums many live videos exist of this lineup.

Triceretops 1988 Dave Hill - vocals/Gtr/Bass Sasha Karn - Drums Aaron Miller – voice a rare demo tape exists with thhis lineup

ohnz/the Addiction 1987 donny powers -vocals/bass John mitchell -guitar Sean Eastman -lead guitar Dave cooper lead guitar Sasha Karn -drums a live video exists from a 1986 show opening for the accused.

Corrupt 1986 Jason Rammerman – Vocals Dave Cooper – Gtr Donny Powers – Bass/Vocals Sasha Karn – Drums no recordings exist of this lineup

Scapegoats 1985 Jason Rammerman – Vocals John Mitchell – Guitar Sasha Karn - Drums a rare tape exists of band practice

Shit 1984 John mitchell - Gtr Mike Mitchell – Drum Sasha Karn – Vocals two tapes exist