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“Rocker Lips is an outstanding band from Kansas City, MO and their music style is a throwback of “old school” rock. Rocker Lips is a band that the music industry desperately needs. In an age of new rock, these guys turn out tunes worthy of classic rock status of 30 years ago. The band is comprised of three members, Matt Rumans – Guitar, Vocals, Andy Cantrell – Bass, Vocals and Chris Richards – Drums, Vocals. If you like original rock and roll how it should be played, you’ll definitely enjoy this band. I saw them this past weekend in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO at the Fuel Bar where they opened up for the Nigel Dupree Band and Black Oxygen. This was the first time I had experienced one of their shows and they blew me away. Check out their video below and like them on Facebook.” — www.filthysoul.com, Rocker Lips Throwing Back Old School Rock and Roll