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Guitar For The Rest Of Us

Hey hows the never ending joy of guitar playing going? I hope everyone is making progress. I'd like to throw a few names at you to checkout on youtube. Checkout Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, and Tony Macalpine. You may recognize some of the licks that you hear. MUAH HA HA hope to see you at the Triangle this Saturday night and don't forget to stream the interview Thursday night on Anarchy Radio!

Happy shredding


Hey whats happening? Its Matt here and there is A LOT to catch up on! First the show that got canceled at the Triangle last weekend is now on for February 22nd. We hope to see you there. I'm also offering private lessons again. Our cd is finally ready for you to kindly purchase. We have a radio interview coming up for Anarchy Radio. There is a tentative date also for mid March at the Triangle as well as our 1st Thrasher Presents show on March 1st. Its going to be a extremely busy spring for Lights Demise!

Guitar For The Rest Of Us.

Going to be posting some more vids soon. Detailing the guitars solos of the song Frailty! Its a finger twister! Just the way we like it! Thanks Matt

Guitar for the rest of us

Another frequently asked question I get asked is how do you play like that? Here it is the answer to playing the guitar or doing anything like a bad ass. Practice, practice, and more practice. Then when you think you got it push yourself to play faster and cleaner.

Guitar For The Rest Of us

Hey its Matt again and I wanted to say thanks to the countless people who enjoyed my videos on fb As well as those who took the time to checkout Lights Demise here on reverbnation.com and fb.

Guitar For The Rest Of Us.

I recently posted a short video on the Lights Demise facebook page in response to a question. "How do you play the beginning of the solo in the Lights Demise song The Drowning?" Feel free to visit the page and check it out for yourself. Remember feel free to ask me a question! Thanks \m/

Guitar for the rest of us.

Stuck in a rut? Hit me up!! Thanks Matt

Guitar For The Rest Of Us

Its Matt from Lights Demise. I have been getting a lot of questions in regards to the guitar. Feel free to ask me a question and I will do my best to answer it!

Guitar for the rest of us

Hello this is Matt from Lights Demise. I have been getting a lot of questions about my tone, melodic ideas, and techniques i use. I plan to have a series of youtube videos up soon. Check it out and maybe I can show you some stuff and I can learn from you! On the question of my tone i will give a brief overview of what I'm using:

B.C, Rich V with EMG 81 an 87 pickups.

Amp: Solid state stereo power amp Randall Warhead 4x12 Rocktron Gainiac Preamp Line6 Ubermetal distorion. Rocktron Hush BBE Sonic Stomp I use no delay or reverb for my leads.

Thanks and I hope that this helps!