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Black Earth is donating to Save Stopper Dave!

So, the Black Earth premiere is coming up next Saturday, Nov. 3rd. Mr. Warbington has been gracious enough to donate 50% of his DVD earnings that night to the SaveStopperDave fund. $10 per DVD...that's $5 we get for everyone sold. Not a shabby deal at all! So let's show the guy some support, since he's supporting us so generously. Jinny and I will be working the merchandise table for James, selling these DVDs, so come on by and see a zombie movie and contribute to saving Dave!


Stopper's Reunion December 8, 2012

The Bastard Squad are gearing up for their benefit for original singer Dave Shumate. Joining Stopper at the Drunken Unicorn are Athens' favorites, Burns Like Fire and Karbomb! Also, as an added bonus, Atlanta legends and longtime friends of Stopper, The Ignored will be playing! Lots of merchandise, artwork, music, and more so come out and join Stopper for their first show since 1996!