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New band, new music. Becoming Oceans

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for liking and listening to our music. Sticking around through the long uncertain break of having all of our gear stolen and rebuilding from the ashes.

There is a new song posted you should check out, it's called Sometimes I Dream. It's one of 4 songs we will be releasing from our upcoming EP in June. Our EP will be called, Notions. Notions is an exploration of feeling like all is lost but finding a way to survive, to endure, and to grow. Even if it seems like everything you love seems to be washing away with the tide, never give up.


Not a very happy Canada day for us. We went to our jam space today to jam... and someone broke into our jam space over the last day or two and stole all of our gear... over 12,000$ worth of gear. We have all been working and saving to get the gear we had for years now.. To have it all taken like that... is basically beyond words. If anyone at all hears anything or sees any of our gear posted on kiji, craigslist, pawn shops etc please let us know.. Some of the stuff that was stolen to keep an eye out for; Mesa pulse 600, Mesa standard 2 12 bass cab, fender baseman 1 15 cab. Hughes and ketner switchblade 100 head, orange 12 cab. black les paul ibanez. line 6 m13 stompbox. boss tuner, TC voice live touch. As well as Nate's acoustic that he has had for years... Can't believe there are actually people out there that will do that kind of shit. It's too bad these pathetic individuals did't put in as much effort to find a job and buy their own shit instead of planning on stealing other peoples hard earned gear. Anyways. To top it off the worst part is that because we spent everything we had on that gear unfortunately As We Set Sail is basically on hold. Thank you to everyone who liked our music and supported us.. I dont know what is in our future but I sure hope that it doesn't end this way.

Becoming Oceans

Going to go jam in an hour or so and write some more of a new song we've been working on. Can't wait to start playing some shows this summer and get out to see all of you awesome ladies and gents who have taken the time to check us out and show your friends!! These are some work in progress lyrics for our new song called, Becoming Oceans.

You make me drift away, I never thought It would be this way but all I see is waves, all I see is waves.

As they crash down around as they crash down around me.

oh the water breaks through the barriers. The water breaks through

while our prayers. of salvation, ring out through the air. and our cities where we once had notions of life and love are becoming oceans

so we reach for the sun with our tired arms and broken lungs treading water If only you let me drift away before it all had to end this way.

Through The Machine is out!!!

Take a listen! https://soundcloud.com/anchoredtotheshore/through-the-machine

Mixing; Through the Machine

Hey everyone, we've been doing a bit of hibernating working on our track, Through The Machine. There was a lack of a computer for a bit, but glad to say that tonight that is no longer an issue, and mixing will start up again! Looking forward to releasing this track a lot!!

We here at As We Set Sail can't thank you guys enough for all the positive support we've had.. It's really really cool to see more and more people liking us every day, thank you! Keep your eyes and ears open, our next track will be dropping soon!