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Lookin' At Spring

I noticed my blog page was way out-dated. So, here we go... RELIX: The Book went into a second pinting, great news in this economy. Thanks for all the support, folks! Our CD, State Of Mind, has opened many musical doors for us, and we're putting our spring & summer dates together. We'd hoped to get out to San Francisco, but so much is happening on our side of the landscape, we figured we'd get to what presented itself first. Check out our tour dates, lots of shows through Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. We'll be filling in with Atlanta, New York, New Jersey and Mass. We'll have the opportunity to play with and meet lots of musical friends, and look forward to seeing you all out there! Not much other news, just playing lots, and developing ideas that will take us out to be with the tribe. Chattaqua, that's us. A traveling minstrel experience.

DeLand Music Fest & Amelia Island-Our Next Stops

MagnoliaFest was a whirlwind this year, spinning around from stage to stage, catching an amazing array of performers. Our set was at the beautiful indoor Music Hall, and Ed and I were joined on banjo and manoldin by Billy Gilmore, Sue Cunningham on fiddle, and Americana star, Jim Lauderdale on guitar and backing vocals for "I Know You Rider." It was a thrilling set. I felt cocooned onstage with the brilliant lights keeping us safe in our own stage world, but the audience let us know they were part of our universe with enthusiastic laughter and applause. WMNF's Ed Greene popped onstage to promote RELIX: The Book with some kind words. Ed and I were busy at the merch booth, hawking The Book, so missed some of the music we'd have otherwise enjoyed, but we did get our fill of the New Riders, many variations of Peter Rowan and his brothers, Lorin and Chris, who I've known most of my life, Moonalice, Vince Herman's Great American Taxi (sang "Brown Eyed Women" with them at 3AM), and so many others, it's dizzying. We hit MagFest just after spending two weeks touring the southeast: Perry, GA (Grillmaster's BBQ Party, Tavery & Books-A-Million), Frankfort, KY (Poor Richards & Kentucky Coffeetree), Lexington, KY (hitting the new Cosmic Charlie's just a month after its opening & doing a booksigning at Sqecial Media), Asheville, NC, Auburn, AL (Wildman Steve's Radio show & an intimate acoustic set and sit down at Gnu's Room), and somethings I might be forgetting. We left MagFest in a dizzying dash to meet up with David Gans for an interview to appear on his Grateful Dead Hour, and hit Orlando in time to get onstage with our good friends, Crazy Otto, opening for the New Riders. Watch for more road tales!

Updates 6/25/09

Finished our CD, State of Mind. Getting packaging together, and look forward to releasing some music soon. RELIX: The Book will be out in October, and we'll be hitting the road. Watch for tour dates and book signings near you!