Emaculent Is Here to Keep Hip Hop Alive

September 19, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Posted by Marcus Onaghinor | 9/19/2012 1:51 PM PST | Los Angeles, CA

Brightlife Music Hip Hop artist Emaculent aka Emac is the talk of the music industry, music blogs, and radio right now because of his infectious club banger and smokers’ anthem, “Roll Up”, going hard on the CMJ Hip Hop Chart this week at #13.

Why the buzz?

Album critics agree that what separates Emaculent from his peers is his “classic” approach to the art of rap. Instead of today’s over-emphasized message of gang life, violence, and misogynistic raps, Emaculent delivers the art of storytelling, thoughtful, self reflected lyrics that are reminiscent of early Hip Hop years.

Sylvester McDudis, writer for Urban Music News Network , reviewed the rapper’s upcoming album, “15 min to E”, and attributed Emaculent’s smooth flow, elevated rhythm, and bumping bass as having the necessary ingredients for a classic Hip Hop album.

“Emaculent is definitely one you want to keep your eye on and his debut album “15 min. to E” is well worth checking out”. (Sylvester McDudis-Urban Music News Network)

Drawing from different genres of music, “15 min to E” is a mash up of different styles offering a fresh sound to Hip Hop. Hot Indie Newswriter Ralph White wrote, “The result is a solid and noteworthy compilation of moving, honest and street smart hip-hop that subtly combines and mashes-up different genres to transcend traditional barriers”.

WWS Magazine sat down with Emaculent as the featured indie artist. Emaculent discussed biggest setbacks, tips for rappers, and working with E40, Layzie Bone, and Ray J. Emac is scheduled to interview with “LA Live” Michael Colyar of The Michael Colyar Morning Show on November 25, 2012 at 2:30pm PST.

Fans can listen to the single “Roll Up” on www.jango.com as well as buy the single on iTunes and through Brightlife online store @ www.brightlifemusic.com.

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