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Influence of Rap

i hada lil G moment while i was blowin one and preached some real shit here it is word from word. It these big timers and fakes that are out here stuntin spreadin the wrong message makin the rap game look bad. Im more of keeping the real southern style alive but at the same time im not about all the stuntin i like to talk about what i know and my beats come from what emotions im really feelin i may have went off subject but in my opinion 99% of everybody wants to make it in the music industry but only 1% of them talk about either what they really know or what they really feel. I feel that all this stuntin and fakin is whats killin the rap game. If you talk about murder i feel that you should either have expirience or be about what you talkin about cause i know they say if you speak it you dont know it if you know it you dont speak it but if you speak it and you dont know it that makes you a hella more fake, rap should be all about how you feel and expressin your feelings to the public and tellin everyone you opinions about whatever subject you want and tellin about your life, its a way of therapy in my opinion if i go and rap with my homeboys about a subject before i act on it, its like me talkin to a therapist cause im expressing my feelings. you should rap to where other people can listen and say i can feel that, or iv been through that, thats a real rapper to me i dont like stuntin but i love the ones who actually hold down the rap game like the old timers back in the day but im ramblin dog i just hada g moment for a second. yall do your thing out here fames right around the corner you just gotta not be scared to keep movin forward so you can turn that corner. Association brings about simulation, yall hold down what yall believe in and keep the music all about positive movements we dont need this next generation comin up wearin skinny jeans, female cloths, thinkin they can kill or rob whoever they wont, rap about what most wont like keepin these youngins in school and instead of promotin this life of crime and the mistakes we have made through life, showin the youngins how they can learn from our mistakes and become better. Im all about the youth, and all though some of my songs arent always about positive subjects the youth is all we got out here and i do my best to help the youth take a more brighter path than mine. When the day comes that i become somebody first thing im doing with my money is make a place where kids can come from all around the community and focus more of their musical side rather than goin out and hustlin all day long. Music saved me from bein in these streets everyday and save me from alota situations that coulda had me dead or locked up and i believe that if music can do this for me and i had to make myself realize how much i really have a passion for this then its possible for me to show the community before they get deep into this game that you aint gotta bust at someone to get their respect you can make a 2 min diss song about them and make em feel like they got shot. Music is such a blessing and theres so much wasted talent out here if i can help them realize their passion for music early music it will do nothing but progress and thats my goal. THESE GAY ASS ILLUMINATI ASS RAPPERS ARE POISONING THE MINDS OF OUR YOUTH AND MAKIN WHAT WE CALL MUSIC BE FROWNED UPON, but it only takes one person to change history so why not strive for it to be you.