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Sutcher Self 1990

Resin Plug /Drums. Dave Williams/ Bass. Kris /Vocals and Vince Luther/Guitar. This was recorded at John Merkell's studio in the summer of 1990.we had about 10 fans there and packed everyone up in 2 cars and gear. Headed down to Monroe Mi.and had the time of our lives. My best friend Terry Kusiak was there. He was always there, except now . You were taken from us too soon. When I here this album that was the first thing I thought of was his laugh.Its there in one of the songs I heard it and remembered him and Jay Merkell. Rest in piece guys we miss ya!


Resin Plug /Drums ,Mr."C" Zach Fallstich/Bass,and Mighty Joe Shrock/Guitar + Vocals. Danger"RUSS"/guitar+back vocals on supernova,meth-tanker and bloodhound. We miss you brother,but we still have a piece of you with us always. Much love and respect to Russell's family and kids. Russ you left us too soon ,but you are not forgotten!

Sutcher Self

Resin Plug/ Drums, Dave / Bass, Gene Carlos/ Guitar, and Kris / Vocals from 1990 -2008.

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Resin Plug on Drums,Pookie on Bass,And Gene Carlos on Guitar

Voids of Neptune /Burn the witch

This band is made up of local Greats from the Intergalactic Bounty Hunters on guitars ,Nick Nostril on bass to Resin Plug on drums.It wants to be heard.