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Everything isn't for everybody. A fact you have to get comfortable in accepting if you want to stand out from the rest. If you can find one legitimate positive thing you love to do and make money at it, you'll never work another day in your life.....but for me, it's about the message I send with anything i've created. A certain feeling I can give someone. It doesn't have to be perfect by the standards of today's society. It just has to be me. An expansion of our past, present and future. In a life that is so short, we don't always allow room to reach deep down inside of ourselves and spread a gift to others we know we have. Evaluating who and what we've become can be a traumatizing thought in itself to visit if the methods we've chosen are get them before they get me by any means necessary. If you're not happy, it's never too late to change your words....your mindset....your behavior. Everything else will fall in line. I am always thankful for the support I receive. Stay well and blessed.

Is It JUST Entertainment?

I've been reading some VERY interesting topics regarding programming on the internet and tell-lie-vision lately, but then again, there's NEVER a dull moment when reading the opinions of others. Everyone is entitled to how they feel but lets explore this. "..best show ever." "keeps me SO entertained." "and so what it's a family who started their company with drug money. Who cares? Me and my kids love the show." "yeah, they fight a lot but their bags, shoes & clothes are on point" "A little tv show is not going to hurt them plus they love the music" "Why do black people always have to complain? Can't they be happy for blacks having jobs in Hollywood?" Rather than exchange unproductive energy with a stranger who isn't paying my bills by getting into a heated debate with a clueless individual, i decided to do what i do best. Move on with life since i knew it wouldn't properly benefit me. It took everything in me to not respond and simply continue to read what so many were oblivious to. Some understood the magnificent power in cultural imagery but the over-whelming percentage seemed to be those who saw no harm in youths visualizing "art" depicting and painting black culture in a very negative and stereotypical way.THIS is what it's become. THIS is what we're dealing with. I do music certainly for therapeutic reasons but more so to enlighten those who don't outwardly get why their lives are in chaos. To fight against what our children are seeing on a daily/hourly basis. Money does NOT bring happiness. Yes, we need it to survive but it's not the core path to true prosperity and wealth. It's human nature to mimic what is viewed as respected, glamorous, valuable and powerful, however, the journey in which we use to attain these attributes is of the highest importance. Why? because our beloved children will look to utilize the same avenues as ones who they respect have already taken. Kids boil it down to the ending result of what they want. Their reasoning will be... if it worked for them, it'll work for me. They don't have the ability to see the trials, tribulations and long suffering heart aches they will have to endure down the line after making these bad choices. What do they do? Look to those who've "made it" and get what they need by any means necessary. The messages conveyed are act in a down-graded, indignant, low-class way and get what you want, who you want, how you want OR act respectfully/intelligently and acquire the same things. The REAL questions are which cultures adopts which philosophies? Who is more likely to utilize the more respected approach? Which cultures are viewed as valuable and which aren't? Who is painted as good? Evil? What culture are you most likely seeing doing the wrong/right thing? Which cultures are shown as loving & caring? Which are shown as cut-throat? Which are you more likely to see being the hero saving the day? Which will you see killing, stealing and causing havoc in communities? The most powerful mind altering influences are family/same sex parent to a child. Second, media imagery. Third, music. Fourth, literature. Fifth, out- of- the- home experiences. No two ways about this information. Once ingrained after a certain age, it's almost impossible to transform it for the better. Some can do it....but most can't. We have to STOP thinking about ourselves so much and what we can put into our pockets instead of looking at the long term negative, mental, emotional and economical effects our children's children AND THEIR children will have no choice to deal with. I commend the ones who advocate religiously and inform many on what's really happening. The extinction has always been in effect. The strategy has shifted and the approach has accelerated to levels you can't even BEGIN to fathom. Make a conscience decision everyday to be loving , caring, supportive and giving to our children and anyone else that enters our home and our life on any scale. I appreciate you all. Bless.

The Voice

I can definitely hear a change in my voice since i began doing this some years ago. It's gotten deeper & more raspy. I think it has even MORE character than it did before. One thing's for sure....i have the BEST time flowing however my "wind" is blowing. I simply DO what i feel like doing. By nobody's standards...i'm doing me. Whatever works through me...i'm going to lay it. However it may sound or be....that's what it is. Musical versatility is one of the most freeing feelings if you can imagine. If i think he or she need to hear certain things, i'm going to say whatever i think that is. If i want to rap/sing about my life, i'll do that too. I truly appreciate each & every person for supporting what i do. If God allows me to continue...i will.

Stage One

I was born an analytical thinker. Able to critique a situation & quickly come up with a solution. I have memories as far back as being in the actual crib wobbling, standing, holding onto its bar for dear life. Eyes big as saucers. Mostly everything in the room was 10x larger than i was. The cartoon print onesie zipped up to my neck almost pinching it snugged my body & feet so tight, it felt like i was wrapped in a cocoon. I watched my parents quickly walk pass me. Back & forth both getting fabulously dressed as they gave me an occasional "...aw, look at my poobear sweet Keekee." smile. They seemed to be running late for something. Perfume & cologne filled the air. I grew restless. Tears began to well. I wanted out this crib. Free from the bars. FREE from being held against my will so was the way i perceived. I wanted to go with them or at the very least, roam & crawl with no destination in sight. I watched them put their coats on. It upset me to a point of no return because somehow i knew i wasn't going too. I stuck out my bottom lip, jumped up & down, rattled the bar as hard as i could & started to cry. Seconds later, i heard heels coming toward me. I don't remember anything else after and i have to say my parents were/are good people who did the best they could with what they had. See, it's ingrained in our dna very early on to come up with a strategy to get what we want but most importantly what we NEED to survive in a cold calculating world. Somehow over time, due to either loss of self respect/self love, hardship and/or tragedy, we become reliant on self medication of many sorts. The answers are RIGHT there inside us. Why we do, think & act the way we do later in life. No drug, alcohol or misery circle will lead us to the solution we seek. We don't need an outside person giving us the answers to questions we already know. PS...Versatility of strengths can be the spotlight on the many wonderful dimensions you possess. Embrace them. Focus on them. Get knee deep in them. There has to be something you love to do. Everyone has at least one thing they do well. Doesn't matter how small it is. You can turn it into something both you & someone else can enjoy AND not to mention make money doing it. There's probably still a lot of ideas people could use that hasn't been invented yet. THIS is the way to channel any pain you're feeling. THIS is the way to see a better & brighter future for you & yours. One love.....NST

Root Of Cause

Why do we steadily convince ourselves of something when we otherwise outright know the truth? The very first person we lie to is ourselves then we begin a mission of using everything in us to brainwash anyone who'll listen. When the mere facts of a situation exist and these people you're telling know what they are, they see STRAIGHT thru to the bottom line. Emotional pain is probably the hardest job you'll ever deal with in life but ya gotta GET right... in order to BE right. In order to be ok with yourself. Be ok with the people you love & the ones that love you MORE than life itself. Those who can't cope or refuse to deal with pain...well.....you open a faucet of blood you never shut it off. Understand what i'm saying? THIS is why i do what i do. Way too many not understanding the root of behavior which inturn creates chaos within the mind, the home.....the life.

The Beginning

Let me say this. The first things we know after birth is what we"re taught. Learned behaviors span over time. Many years before we"re able to think for ourselves. It becomes ingrained in us inturn we are true to form. Not a single human being on this earth is without flaws. When we know better, is it a fact that we do better right from the start? It's been proven repeatedly.....practice will produce the best performance possible at some point and time. However, mistakes WILL be made along the way. It's simply a journey to reach a place in your life which does not include hypocrisy. I think many, if not all, of us strive for it. Walk in truth is what we want. Life doesn't have to revolve around negativity and those who aren't doing well. Those who find pleasure in other's turmoil and misfortune will soon FIND it. Feel where i'm coming from? P.S. I could never understand why some clearly possess intelligence but down-play it in many areas to appear cool. Yes, i do music with some sass, YES i use profanity, YES i sling the slang on them bars lol but in a different realm, i display what i've learned during my many years of education. Why write as if i'm illiterate when i'm not? Makes absolutely no sense. Ha ha ha ha Talk to you soon. One love.


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Love You First!!!

You want respect? It's earned. Give it to yourself first then others will recognize. As long as my message comes across in my music...i'm good. There's a lot of work to be done.

New Music On Deck!!

New tracks!! "Don't Need You" "She Dat Girl Rock'r Sh*t So Tight" "Don't Call Me Dread" Collab w/ Y & more!! Oh yeah, we get it in!!

I Know It Hurts, But Tap Into Your Strength.

I know a lot of you are suffering silently, souls tortured for one reason or another, hammering your mind on how, why & what you could've done to change the outcome. If they're letting you go, LET THEM let you go. If the only memories that have been created between the two of you for the last year were bad, hurtful & extremely painful, it's time to move on. It's pointless, unproductive to use precious energy to react out of spite when you can choose to hold your head high & welcome new & healthy opportunities. You have to tell yourself you're strong, you can get through it. God will see to it that doors open during the healing process. Your focus will sharpen to extensive degrees. Your standards will rise. Your intolerance for nonsense will diminish insecurities helping you to see what's real and what isn't. If the relationship was meant to be, real love will come back. But until then....as time moves at record speed.....get yours. Stay blessed. I'm routing for you.