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Song 4 Song.. Reverb is crazy not to limit the amount of tracks a nigga can put on here! These are just snippets!

All or nothing!

It's all or nothing! I see who and what is around me. I dare you to turn my music up and listen without hating ears! I double dawg dare you! Where ever the competition is I sit in among the highest. Song for song I'm killing the comp. Fact! Enough talk press play.. O and I tried to be humble. Humble got these niggas feeling worthy of something! Put the mic down!! All these fools talkin bout we only do Hip-Hop shut the fuck up! Hip-hop mainstream, dub step, rock, whateva I'm will not lose! Get This Money This is my playing field now! MUSIC!!

Welcome To The Cannabis Club

Coming Soon! Come get your fix! High Grade Top Shelf Music by V.A The M.A.N

Show No Love

I showed all the love I can show to all the fellow artist in the area. S/o to everyone that returned/acknowledged the love. Everybody else... (To Be Continued)


Is what separates us!

Special Thanks

Thanks you to all the fellow artist coming through showing some love, actually listening to the music! Continue to show support comment like share and let me kno you did so! So I can return the love! Stay tuned in!


Hate or not I'm still rise to the top! I'm your worst nightmare! Killing your favorite local Artist! You be the judge!

The Cannabis Club

This For my V.A and C.A Folks Ya Dig! where yall at!