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Am I just a Songwriter and Music Artist?

I love Saturday mornings. It’s a morning where I don’t have to rush off and I can actually enjoy having coffee and checking out some the latest posts on sites like CL.

On sites like CL, musicians can search for other band mates, venues for playing, jamming events, and the like. I scour these sites looking for possible venues for Spilled to play. When you are not part of a normal “cover” rock group, you have to be more creative in your search. Sometimes I narrow the search criteria to just look for “Christian” music posts. This morning I read a post that really concerned me. Although there is a part of me that understands what the musician was trying to say, it made me stop and think about how I promote our music. I had to ask myself, what type of band am I in and how to I classify our music to other people?

This particular post was looking to audition some musicians to backup an artist that had just completed an album. The management of the artist listed the style of music and pointed out that the artist is a Christian and therefore the songs do have a faith-based influence. However, the management wanted the reader to know that the artist is not a Christian artist and that they really wanted you to know that.

Can we really separate ourselves like that? There are a couple of questions we need to ask ourselves as songwriters. Am I writing songs that are faith-based? Am I a Christian? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, would it be correct to call you a Christian songwriter? And if the answer to that is yes, then would it be correct to say you are a Christian artist? Take a group like Flipankle (name has been changed). I have read interviews of this group and nowhere do they ever say they play Christian music. If you listen to their songs, you get the idea that the writer is definitely a Christian, but yet you never hear him talk about his Christian faith. Gee, I think Bono from U2 has mentioned his Christianity and it hasn’t hurt U2’s music sales at all!

As I mentioned in the beginning of the blog, I can understand what the Christian songwriter, who is not a Christian artist, is trying to accomplish, but why did the artist have to mention anything about being a Christian at all? Just book yourself as rock (or whatever genre you are) artist and call it good. If Spilled is seeking to play a secular venue, we indicate the style of music we are. If I said we are a Christian band they would think we were going to have an altar call and not want us to play. If someone were to ask me if Spilled is comprised of Christian artist, the answer is yes. It is only by God’s loving grace that Spilled is playing anywhere. I can’t separate being a Christian from being a songwriter. I write from my faith in Jesus and the hope for eternal life with Him heaven. When I write about life events, I still write from my Christian faith. It is who I am. Hello, my name is Peggy Murphy Payne and I am a Christian artist!

What about you? Are you a Christian who writes songs? Yes? Then, welcome, fellow Christian artists! Let’s get the good news out!



About the Song "I Will See You Again"

From Peggy: The song was written after the death of my mom on April 4th 2012. Because of my belief in life everlasting with our Lord and Savior Jesus Chris, I will see her again! She is dancing in heaven now!

Music is gift from God

Music is truly a gift from our Creator. We have the choice to use for His glory or to use it for our destruction.We choose glory!