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Just how I'm feeling

Put some of the more aggressive songs on the profile page, seem to be more of the popular ones. If you're in a different mood, search further down the song list.

Free Download continued

Make sure to click the all songs button as there is 11 songs. Songs are in order of sequence of album.

Free Download of New Album

The Third Step is now complete and available for free download for about a month or so. So help yourself and enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments. Thanks to all for their support.

New Material Now Posted

Two new songs now up. "Considering Murder" is heavy and angry as fuck. Also, I have a rough mix of a new song, "Must". It's different than what I've done before, but I think it's pretty cool. More coming in early 2013.

Still Recording

New material is coming along nicely. One song completely done, it's a different one, I'll post it up soon. Got some really heavy, aggressive stuff too, gonna be pretty good mix of everything on this one.

New Material

Currently working on some new stuff.Its gonna be heavy and angry(for the most part). Just the way things are going for me lately. Pretty excited about it, best stuff i've written.