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I've recently been hospitalized and partially paralyzed for the last month. I'm mostly recovered, and the feeling is mostly coming back, but I've had to take a leave of absence from college and I have to find a full time job to raise money for my next semester. So other than the house show coming up next month, I won't be able to focus a lot on the music for a while.

Announcing CD Release and shows in the Philippines

We are pleased to announce that Joe's debut 7-track album will be released February 21 on iTunes/digital download and February 22 for hard CD copies. We're also excited to announce that Joe Mora will be doing some work in the Philippines for a number of months, starting in April of 2013. After his CD is released we'll be focusing our efforts on relations with booking agencies and musicians in the Philippines.

New Project

I'm beginning this project to develop my skills as a manager, and as an artist of course. I hope to hone my marketing akills, and to expand my music and business networks. I'm stoked.