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Great time in Bridgeport

What a weekend! We experience the coolest in-house band ever---13 pieces, rhythm section, horn section, you name it. They warmed up the crowd for us and allowed us to play a great show for a great community. Thanks to a huge youth choir for singing "In This House" and "Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li" with us.

The next day we recorded over 300 people singing "In This House." From babies to bubbies, everyone was included and had a great time.

We are so grateful to have been a part of Congregation B'nai Israel's 150th anniversary year and wish them another 150 years of being a vital part of Connecticut's Jewish community.

For Guitar Lovers

Hey folks, I know you know me mostly as an acoustic player, but I play most of the guitars on all of my recordings. I thought you would enjoy hearing me "rip" a little. The song "We Pretend" from the "Quest and the Question" CD features a guitar solo that I really enjoyed playing on my Les Paul. I don't get to play lead much anymore, but when I do, I sure do have fun. Hope you like the tune....let me know if you do!

Headed to Bridgeport for a full weekend

Those in the Bridgeport, CT area--Saturday night we will offering a Havdalah concert at Congregation B'nai Israel beginning at 7pm. Sunday morning we are doing an onsite "Song In You" recording of "In This House." Hundreds of kids and adults will participate in this recording that will be used in honor of the congregation's 15oth anniversary (wow)! Sunday late afternoon at 4pm I will speak on Positive Jewish Living, a new way to look at the 10 Commandments. Don't miss this great weekend, and check back here for reactions, pix and more.