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Promoting ELSays.com

Look it's hard as H-E-Hockey sticks, promoting your brand, especially if your a single artist! I mean gessss. I need a staff! Like right now. In the words of Bernie Mac (Immegiatelty)! Trying to get all my favorite socials sites to meet is not easy. I want my reverbnation, pinterest and elsays.com to be roommates. I want to tell one and the others spread the word and it doesn't matter which one I tell first. The point it was told and now they all know! I'm working to build a solid honest relationship with my supporters because in my opinion my work has merit and weight. Pick it up and listen. Let your ears decide if it weighs too much! Happy Succeeding!

Everything Ladies

Maintaining the in's and outs of running a business. It's a difficult process by yourself and you need help in all aspects. When you don't have people interested in the same thing you can find yourself standing still. Money makes the world move and determination people motivation.