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Hello 2013

Happy New Year! I’m still stuck in 2012 but trying to come out of my cocoon and enter into the New Year. I’ve been feeling inward these last few weeks, and it’s been a good thing, because it helps to find focus and purpose for me… but I realize I am a little behind on keeping people informed as to what’s going on (if anyone is actually reading this, I’m never really sure) My highlights from 2012 were many. The year started on a high note with the birth of my nephew Arthur Rapidan Bailey in January 2012. I had great opportunities to play in New York City, Ohio, Washington DC, Alaska, Portland OR, and a fantastic fall tour that criss-crossed the north and south with Tim Easton. I started a band with Tim called ‘Out of Our Tree‘ in addition to continuing to play with the Spikedrivers, The Maybelles, and my own solo project in whatever form I can keep it going. I met Dylan Lee Johnston in Alaska and started working on music with him in Portland as well… I am often amazed at how blessed my life is and all the great moments I experience on a daily basis. I spent the last part of the year 2012 in Nashville, TN, continuing to develop Out of Our Tree with Tim Easton and we hope to get out and about this year and also make a record. We plan to be at Folk Alliance and SXSW this winter to start. We finished the year making demos in anticipation of making a record that we can present sometime this year. I love the clean slate of the New Year. It is so uncertain at times, yet exciting to me. I hope you find peace and direction in whatever areas you choose to focus on this year. Sending out my love, gratitude and blessings. ~mp