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Limelight LP is OUT NOW!

I released 'Limelight LP' yesterday !! Its now available for 100% free download. Please show your support by simply downloading, sharing, and clicking that like button.

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support thus far. It means SO MUCH to me!!

Cheers, Absolute

The 'Limelight LP' is dropping on Saturday, September 7, 2013 !!

I'm compiling the album right now, polishing off a few things. Look out for it soon! It will be 100% free to download!

New ISHHH !!!

Yo everybody make sure to check out my new video / song called 'Days Off'. I'm sure everyone can relate. Show some love while you're at it and I'll make sure to hit ya back!!

My very first blog entry ....

Heyyyyy... so yeah my actual blog is at absolutetracks.wordpress.com !!! Go there to seee uuuurvythang ... ya dig ?