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You help decide

Darrell Harwood’s first album you help me decide what should be my first BIG SINGLE for 2014 1. One for The Money, Two For The Honey and Three For The Door 2. Crime I Didn’t Do 3. Our Thing 4. Momma I Hate To See You Cry 5. Hope I Get To Heaven Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead 6. Love You More 7. Glad My Dad Whooped My A$$ 8. Momma’s Running Moonshine 9. Fixer Upper 10. She Goes Out With A Bang

Koma Unwind

Hope to see you all at the Koma Unwind open house in Statesville tonight @ 1304 North Barkley Ave. for a meet and greet from 3 – 6 and the bands will start at 7 - 10

Cancer Sucks

The reason I’m even playing was because of Cancer so let’s keep fighting see you all Saturday night at the Rowan County Fair Grounds

Good news

407 people have downloaded my app thank you all

Downtown Monroe

Let's Round em up and roll em out in Downtown Monroe September 26th at 6:30 pm!


I am so proud to get the opportunity once again to play for my home town this Saturday night at Farmers Day. Show time begins at 7:00 and fireworks will follow at 10:00.

Weekend plans

What are your plans for the weekend

The smell of cotton candy

What a beautiful day for a concert and a carnival ride. See you at the Rowan County Fairgrounds tonight gates open at 5:30. Fill up on corndogs and cotton candy and then make your way to the stage and let’s get started on that DH workout plan. Show time 7:30 be safe and I’ll see you soon.


The Apple app is in the works as soon as it goes live you will all be the first to know. With this new tool you now have your very own mobile app distributed directly to your fans through standard channels. Your fans will be able to listen to your songs, watch your videos, see pictures and show schedules and connect with your band from their mobile phone.

Times up

Time to talk the talk and walk the walk. God bless all that come to the relay be safe and will see you there.