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OneFold Records Ltd LAUNCHED!!

CEO/Founder/Owner Que Anderson Launches Record Label OneFold Records Ltd with CEO/Co-Founder/Owner Jay Enna.

Que Anderson's OFFICIAL WEBSITE is NOW Running

Please pass by my NEW Website www.queanderson.com to keep more up to date with my goings on. See you there!


*WARNING* VERY SEXY TRACK FOR DA LADIES!!! NEW VERSION of 'Let Me Lay Your Body Down' Produced by: Doc Banga Productions Please like my page if you like what you hear & listen to more! www.facebook.com/queandersonproductions

'Is This Love' NOW ON iTUNES! PLS Buy NOW

*ANNOUNCEMENT* 'Is This Love' NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/is-this-love-single/id510149155

Our Purpose!

If you are reading this right now do you think its because you want to know information about me? or have you thought it's maybe because in life's path your supposed to. If you are still reading then keep following your path. My name is Que Anderson and I am a Producer, Singer & Songwriter and other then God and my family my passion is my music. I am not religious but I am a very strong believer in God. I believe that everybody has a purpose in life and that our main objective is to find that purpose. I also believe that our purpose has a very strong connection with our talent (of gift that some people my put it) I feel my gift is the ability to create music that not only makes me feel comforted but also has a positive impact on others. Once you have found your purpose it's then up to you to use it to the fullest and to use it wisely. It can be very easy to abuse it but only you know its limits. A lot of people can share the same gift but use it in different ways for example a gospel singer tend to only use there singing voice for the church and singers like me want to share our voice with everyone, both can be very powerful in there right way. In this Bio I wanted to share information about myself but I also want you to think about who you are and what your purpose in life is. Now what was the reason for you carry on reading you may ask yourself? Maybe because its time you discovered what your purpose is or maybe you are on the right path to finding what it is, whatever the reason is you reading this was suppose to happen. Good luck with your searching and I hope my words and my music help you the same way that it has help me. Take care now.

Sophie-Liesl  (over 5 years ago)

took a good read of your bio !!! Tis from your heart...so is your music .....hope you enjoyed listening to my songs and watching my vids x