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you can only be who you are

Be authentic, be you, because you are the only you we have.

are you an Untamed Spirit?

do you feel it in your soul? do you enjoy the snow hitting you in the face-making you feel alive? Would you rather be rich in soul then rich in money, if you had to choose one? Do you dig the first moments of a sunrise, after being up all night? maybe you should take a few minutes and listen to my music...i answer yes to all those questions.

on the road

my writing partner is down in Prescott arizona teachingour new band members all of our songs. lots of excitement, and best of all New songs soon!!

which song of fugot would you enter in a song contest

I am thinking about entering one of my songs in a song contest, which one would you pick? please let me know. thanks

The path less travelled to home

what would happen if you did something you did not expect to do and it changed your life? play one of my songs and find out. my songs will stick with you, that is why I claim they are for your body, mind and soul.

vote for my video

I need your help, please vote for my video at beats100 .. http://www.beat100.com/original-music-video-chart/watch/women-like-to-groovelike-to-groove_48256/

do you support brands that support piracy

A lot of famous brands advertise on illegal piracy download sites. If you support these brands, you are essentially supporting piracy. This is a great article on the issue. http://thetrichordist.com/2013/02/03/what-you-can-do-today-to-stop-brand-sponsored-piracy-through-touring-contracts-or-sponsor-deals-artists-helping-artists/

2013 dreams

It's a new year and unless the world ended and no one told me, it seems like it may be one of the better ones. It is all how you perceive it. Dream big, and make it happen. Yes, I mean you......

mark tavern (a&r) interview

there is a great podcast interview with Mark Tavern on playitloudmusic blog. great insights, well worth the 55 minute listen. http://playitloudmusic.wordpress.com/

common meter

This is a link to a great video I just watched about all the different possible melodies in the world. it is worth it. http://etude-brute.tumblr.com/post/36698710869/there-are-quartertones-but-teenagers-with-guitars