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it's not to late

I'm looking around me, there's a feeling that I get. Something inside me saying, this ain't over yet. You know and i know, we can break these chains. It's all been said before, but the times, they haven't changed. it's not to late, not to late for love.... I wrote these lyrics with a friend 24 years ago. still at it. and never giving the dream up. thanks and keep on keeping on as well.

reverbnation charts

No that it matters very much, but I have no idea how reverbnation figures out there charts. Does anyone else know how they work it? Bands are all mixed together by different locations, even for the same genre. When you click on charts and enter your own zip code, Other bands from other zip codes are still there. Very confusing. Confusing enough, where I am not even caring about it. I would rather just put out good music.

online radio act should be called give me the $

If you have not heard, there is a new bill be proposed to congress called the "Online radio fairness act". It should really be called, "Give corporations more $ act". It wants to set in stone lower rates to be paid to song artists from certain online radio companies (yes, you pandora). It also bars any artists from getting together to fight this act. It is a power play from some of the biggest corporations in the game today. Please search for more information. Also remember, the defense of this act is that withou it, pandora will go bankrupt, because they can not make a big profit off of artists songs. Boohoo, go bankrupt. other companies will step in and profit nicely, as some of them alreay are. thanks for letting me rant.

Rolling with the changes

We all wake up one day at a time. It is the way life is. But after many days and months of this, you start to notice the ground under your feet has changed from where you thought you were. This is why I believe if you want to succeed in music, you need to things. One is to have music people resonant with, whatever your style is. The second is to be adaptable to the changes life throws at you. Ever since the gramophone, musicians have needed to adapt to changes in technology. They grumbled about radio making them even more obsolete. Technology has always changed the way people buy and listen to music. It probably will continue to change for our lifetimes. It is up to you to decide, if this is for the better or worse. It really comes back to putting out a heartfelt product and rolling with the changes. Like the police officer told me when I was a kid and leaned out the car window asking for directions to Fenway park to see the Redsox play: "Play baseball and be good".

How do you find new music?

The title says it all folks. I am very curious how people are finding new music these days? Please let me know, thanks michael

Music soothes the beast

Everything in life vibrates at it's own frequency. We hope when you listen to our music, you vibrate at a more upbeat level. We are passionate about our songs and while we loved making Untamed Spirits, our first release, we are even more excited about making the next Cd. We hope if you like our music, you will take the journey with us.