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Hello lovelies!!! As you know I have been selected to be in ASCAP's GPS Program, which gives amazing opportunities to budding songwriters. I told you all I would blog this journey, and I intend to keep that promise!! My last meeting was with the glorious Sony ATV Publishing. I have met a publisher previously from Sony, but never got my foot in that door, So I went crazy when I found out I was FINALLY meeting with them! (: On my way there I was continually praying for peace, Because this meeting was nerve racking for a vulnerable, naive songwriter, like myself! I am very pleased to say the meeting went absolutely wonderful. I feel like God gave me such composer and peace throughout the entire meeting. I was not expecting Hannah (publisher) to be a beautiful young women. Sometimes you over analyze situations and make these powerful people out to be stiff or emotionless. Hannah was so lovely, I personally was inspired to see a powerful young women in charge of her life and business like that! She listened to all of my songs and took both of my CD's!!! She is now asking for more music...I am feeling very honored & overjoyed. I could go on about how splendid the meeting went, but like I stated in the previous blog post, sometimes it's better to leave to the imagination (: Hope You enjoyed reading my experience!! Carmen xox


Hello wonderful people! As you all know I was selected by ASCAP to participate in the GPS program! This gives me the opportunity to meet with publishers on Music Row and God willing get signed! This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa Johnson over at Razor & Tie Publishing! Besides driving in circles around Music square trying to find their building, it was lovely! Razor & Tie is located right on Music Row, it was crazy because Curb was there neighbor building and Carnival was on the second floor haha! The feeling of walking through there office was electrifying. Lisa walked out to greet me and her dog "SnoopDog" followed (: Immediately we discussed about our Dogs and how much joy they bring! Lisa was so elegant and kind, not at all how I depicted her. ASCAP told me the meeting was suppose to last around 30 minutes. Lisa spent almost 2 hours with me. There is so much more that happened, but I'll leave that to the imagination (: Lets just say this...I have a new friend on Music Row. I will be blogging each experience I have with these publishers! I hope you all continue to read and enjoy!!! Carmen xox

New Single and Video

So excited for my new music video and single, "Sycamore Tree" Please check it out by going to this link: http://youtu.be/_oZDxvLweQo


So excited for my first CMA Fest week! Going to CMT Awards, LP Field concert, performing on 6/6/14 at Silver Dollar !!!


Just so excited all the things that are happening for me here in Nashville! Feeling blessed!

Loving Nashville!

Being in Nashville is surreal! I've never felt so inspired in my LIFE!!! Loving It!

High School!

Well I can't believe I'm starting high school...very excited but VERY nervous. Pray for me, lol!

March - Nashville - Recording!

I am so excited! Heading to Nashville during Spring Break to go back into the studio to record my second EP! Should be out early Summer!


Bringing in the New Year in Nashville!

What Im listening to.

Listening to Maroon 5, they are so good, kinda goin cray!