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My Sunday Sunset Reflections

Hello again everybody!

I sincerely hope all is well in your worlds. I am looking at a beautiful Sunday sunset across the river and listening to some of my recent arrangements.


I just had a chat with one of my new Facebook musician friends in Paris. (Ah, the wonders of the internet!) We found we have something in common and it has reminded me to post something I have been meaning to blog about for a while and that is my recent brush with prostate cancer. So, if this topic bothers you then please skip down to the next heading.

Even though I say recent, in fact I was diagnosed over 5 years ago. It was a bit of a shock but I was half prepared as my PSA blood test readings had been above normal for a while for about 6 years prior to that. Nevertheless it's not nice when the doc says "I'm afraid we have found some malignant cells"!

Prostate Cancer has played a big part in my life. My Uncle Fred died of it in his mid 60s and then his brother, my Dad died of it almost 2 years ago at the age of 82. I was myself diagnosed with it in late 2003 after having benign prostatitis for about 4 years before that. 5 years later I am happy to be here and report that, following very recent radiotherapy (which was an absolute doddle by the way), my PSA is completely normal at 0.2 and my prostate has no noticeable tumours. All in all my treatment at Poole Hospital in Dorset, UK was a very pleasant experience due to the love and care of the staff. I did many complementary therapies before the radiotherapy which all had a beneficial effect on me, the most dramatic of which was prayer and reciting Bible verses which took my PSA down from 20 to 0.1! I'm no Bible thumper but it's a fact. However it went back up to 28.9 a year later (maybe I should have kept up the scripture readings..)so I finally went for the hospital treatment. During the treatment my beloved one had the spiritual experience of the cancer coming out of me into her in the form of a black cloud which she then breathed out as a butterfly which flew away and disappeared. From this point on she was sure I would overcome this disease.

I just had my 3 month check up and now my PSA is 0.1 so, for those of you touched by this disease, never give up hope.

You can now download a song which was written to raise funds for cancer fighters (better than cancer victims, don't you think?) I co-wrote the song, called 'Not So Long Ago', which I performed at a Charity Premiere of one of the James Bond movies. You can listen to it (and even buy it!) here:




My new-found productivity continues and I am preparing a 4 track 'E.P.' for the Christmas and New Year Season. So watch this space! Meanwhile you can continue to listen to and promote my music by clicking on and posting this URL wherever you feel like it.



Happiness to you all,


"Life Goes On...." My First Album

Hi everyone!

As you can see I'm still hard at work on a new track!

Thanks for listening to my current album. Here's an earlier album. It's called 'Life Goes On..." Hope you like it.


Also look out for my next new single which will be called "New Day, New Year"! Topical or what...?

See you soon, chaps and chapesses,

Chris :-)

Preview my new album prior to release

Hi Guys!

Well I'm just putting the finishing touches and final tweaks to my new album. I'm quite excited about it but would appreciate your feedback on the songs before I finally 'put it to bed'! Listen here:


Hope you enjoy it anyway!



To my small but growing group of fans...

Hi! Thank you so much for adding my music to your page and becoming a fan. Please feel free to write and tell me what you like or don't like about the songs and what they mean to you. Thanks again, Chris :-)