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Afton Shows Booking Review: MyAfton.com Presents Awesome Orlando Music Showcase

Everyone listen up I have to say some words about booking with MyAfton.com. For artist who is up and coming this would be the best way to get more of your music out there. The only job that you have would be to sale tickets and ask your Fans/Friends to come out and give you support. Everything else is done by your Book AGENT. It was a great show and I will book again with MyAfton.com.

Show @ West End Dec 7th

Hey everyone I will be hitting the stage again. Yes it is in Orlando for everyone who always say they never get to see me perform here your chance.! It is Dec 7th so just click the link below get your tickets now!! If you have any question hit me up!!!!

Mix tape Coming SOOn

Ok .. So this is the game plan. I am going to do remix to song that are out until next year when my Mixtape drops. I want you guys to do two thing for me. I want you guys to pick my remix song you would like to hear me on. Also I want to see what good Mixtape title names you guys can come up for my mixtape. Until next time Its K.U.P.I. D