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New songs

Hello, I've just recorded 11 new songs and song videos. I am very pleased with them and I'd like you to see what you think of them also. I like to express my idea of free scope in writing whether true and imaginary, in saying the things I want to express in music. I hope you all willl connect with my music. Please check my website www.Treple-X.co.uk to view the song vid, Treple-X.

Upcoming songs/videos

I've finished recording some more songs and right now am putting videos to them. Am so excited I think they're really great tunes. When the song videos are finished I will put them on my website www.treple-x.co.uk sometime this month. I hope you go check them out.


Howdy, I want you all to checkout my new website www.treple-x.co.uk, see what you think. And why don't you also like my FB band page too, www.facebook.com/TreplexSongs2Verse. Thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy NEW YEAR.


I am trying to update my profile on different site, I don't know if I'm syncing them correctly but I thought they would all update together automatically, but they're not.