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We've all been so busy with school and life all going on. The two guitarists are planning their weddings for the spring in a few months, and everyone else has been tied down to other projects. We'll be back soon!

Two Shows, One Night

Everythings coming together for this tiny baby band. Hyrums studio is coming together nicely, and were working on our 6 song debut album. We have reached rank 66 for Provo Alternative Bands, which, we believe is higher than our music quality. We feel priviledged to be in the top 25 per cent of the Provo Alternative Bands, and were working on our music to reach greater heights. We played two songs at Cranky Chuckies and nine songs at Roll Up Cafe. It was a blast. Cranky Chuckies had a fun set up, where all performers had their name in a fish bowl, and we were the last act before the owner closed the show. Roll Up Cafe was the fullest weve ever seen! Every table was full by the time we left. We have proudly played for a total audience of 53 to date and earned a total of 6 crepes! We are excited to embark on this musical journey. And we welcome you to fasten your seatbelt. It is gonna be a wild ride.