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Kyle D. Knoth

Kyle D. Knoth inducted November 19, 2012 as Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador to Indiana.

The scope of this page

We are all working musicians that decided to devote a night weekly to playing only Blues music. We record every session. This site is built as a bridge for sharing our deepest musical passion known as the blues. Please stop by and share this site with everyone. You will not be bored by the same songs over and over again because this site will be updated and as hot and fresh as it can be. We have always centered on blues music and introduce our roots into todays modern style of music. This is our way of carrying on the tradition and by keeping ourselves real in a fabricated world. Please enjoy these jams. They are all live. We have a primary line up of 4 solid players and always invite guests to make it even better. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. Peace, Joy, and Big Blue Love to all!!!!

This is how we feel

We are driven to play the Blues because it makes us feel right inside. We all play and write many genres of music but this is the one universal voice and feeling that brings us together. If it was not for Blues music, none of us would have the roots, not patience to cope with modern stress and change. Blues music gives an avenue for talking things over with yourself and relaying a feeling to others. Usually, the outcome is a heavy heart lightened.