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Our First Night Part 1

September 4th, 2012 SPIKE Studio We started off the night rehearsal/audition with one of Briana's favorite cover songs "Alcohol & Pills". It sounded a little rough but we could tell it was going to get good. After a few times through the song we found it and got it right. Hearing Briana sing over the top of the band with such passion and conviction believing every word she sings was very inspiring. After some minor technical difficulties we played "Not Pretending". It sounded fantastic. Briana's grit, tude and raw emotion brought the song to a whole other lev el. We were just about to run through "Across the Bridge" when we started to see the storm brewing outside. I turned on the TV to get a quick look at what was happening with the weather. The radar map was showing a pretty ominous storm out to the southwest of us. Not a problem I thought, let's play the song. As we made our way into the solo breakdown I thought to myself how cool is this, we're playing our music with a group of great people and performers. Outside I see lightning off in the distance and the wind blowing through the trees. The voice in side my head said "enjoy the moment, it's special". All of a sudden the lights dimmed on and off several times. We could hear clicking and sparking as the power and the sound was trying to stay alive. It sounded like the music was swirling down a drain like when bath water breathes it's last breath before it disappears into pipes. Then, it all went dark. Time stood still for a brief second as we all tried to figure out what was going on. The room immediately filled with flashes of light from the storm outside. It was the most lightning I've ever seen from a storm. It was like a group of paparazzi flashing photos of the stars walking down the red carpet at the Grammy's. Will the power come back on, I wondered. I quickly ran up the stairs to get a couple of flashlights. I had to slowly inch my way down the hall feeling my way through the darkness. I made it to the wine bar reaching into the drawers trying to remember where I last saw a flashlight. The lightning flashing in through the windows lighting my way as I made it into the kitchen. Remembering the large flashlight in the bedroom, I headed back down the hall to retrieve it. I could see the cats in the shadows of the flashing light. Kobe on the table sleeping through the storm and Otis chasing those same shadows under the lounge chair in the living room. I made it back downstairs with two flashlights and a candle lighter I found in one of the drawers in the kitchen. I gave the large flashlight to Mr. Massey and headed into the studio to get a couple of candles. I could hear Ripper up the steps in the garage talking to his wife Courtney. She was a little nervous about the storm and told Mike that a large tree branch has fallen in their yard. Now that we had some light in the studio, we could ride the storm out and have some good conversation as we wait for the power to come back on. We sat and traded road stories, picked on Frank and got to hear about Briana's time in Nashville and her UK tour. Each person shared personal insights about life and music. We talked and joked like we've known each other for years. It was a perfect setting to help us all get aquatinted, almost magical.

Our First Night Part 2

"Play us some of your songs" asked Frank as Michael offered Briana his acoustic guitar. She sat back on the stool, put a foot up on the foot rest and started strumming a few chords trying to remember one of her songs. The first two songs she played went straight to our hearts. Hearing her songs in their original most basic form showed us her real talent. She is a songwriter, she is a singer, she is the real deal. Briana plays and sings each song with such emotional and compelling delivery that rivals Jennifer Nettles, Mellisa Etheridge and Loretta Lynn. As she strummed the chords of her song "I Do" she told us she was thinking about singing her vows at her wedding but was a fraid that she would be overcome by emotion. Which did happen when she tried to play a different song at her grandma's funeral. "I Do" is the perfect wedding song, intimate, personal, written directly from the heart. Sitting in the dim light of flickering candles tossing shadows across our faces, Briana plays "Scars" one of her newest songs. Lightning flashing lightly in the window with the quiet yet peaceful sound of thunder off in the distance. Her voice sweetly singing us a story that cut directly to our cores. Her heart and soul in each and every word she sings. After she finished, we all were speechless. Trying to catch his breath after witnessing such a performance Michael said "Now that's a song, that's a great song". It was a special moment. It was magical.