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Grass Roots /Soul Folk music of miss fawn eyes/ Fawn Lunde

It is just myself and my guitar co-created with god that performs all of my music. i have no band members. I have been playing music and writing songs since i was 18, now i am 50. I write all the music i put out, only in my living room do i play others work:). I have two grown sons/suns, and five grandchildren i love dearly, they inspire me to look at the world thru a child's eyes. That is how i got my native name fawn eyes, because of the way i looked at the world as a newborn fawn. i also enjoy painting, sketch art, making art of of nature objects, writing books and poetry. I am a simple country gal player, i have no desire to be a super awesome guitar player or singer, what i write comes from my heart and spirit. i play for weddings and openings for stores and radio stations. I have no desire to do any concerts. My music is like what you might here around a campfire, or perhaps relate to a 60's artist type. I like to have fun and not have pressure or stress in playing and singing, if i make a mistake i just go with it:). I have no clocks in my home except on my phone. :) I feel that any talent is a gift given to you and not shared the gift is wasted. A native standard i believe in, without my faith i am nothing, that is my foundation on everything. i am very honored to have you listen to my music and hearing your feedback. I humbly thank-you and appreciate it very much. namaste' (I honor the greatness in you as well as myself in your spirit and heart) ALL SONGS LYRICS,MELODIES,ARRANGEMENTS,EDITING, SOLELY OWNED AND COPYRIGHTS BY:MISS FAWN-EYES(STAGE NAME FOR ALL ARTISTIC GIFTS FROM CREATOR)MISS FAWN LUNDE ARTIST/SONGWRITER.