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Monte Montgomery / Monte Montgomery

Track List: 1. River 2. Let's Go 3. Everything About You 4. Company You Keep 5. Love's Last Holiday 6. Moonlight Tango 7. Can't Fool Everyone 8. Could've Loved You Forever 9. Be Still 10. How Far 11. Little Wing 12. Midlife Matinee

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Monte to be on Live From Daryl's House

Monte Montgomery Performs with Daryl Hall on July 15th episode of Live From Daryl’s House

Hall’s free monthly webcast is accessible at www.livefromdarylshouse.com

Austin TX, July 9, 2008 – Monte Montgomery is Daryl Hall’s guest on the ninth episode of Live From Daryl’s House [http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com] airing July 15th at 8pm ET. The free monthly webcast is Hall’s newest brainchild allowing him to collaborate with ‘well-known’ and ‘not so well-known’ artists in an intimate, informal setting. His previous guests include KT Tunstall, Nick Lowe and Gym Class Hero’s Travis McCoy, among others.

Hall invited Montgomery to team up after seeing him perform Sara Smile on youtube.com [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ-pM78WBGc]. The clip has been viewed nearly 118,000 times. Hall and Montgomery are joined by Hall’s ‘house’ band including long-time musical director T-Bone Wolk who declared the collaboration “the most incredible musical experience I’ve ever had.” The show includes Hall and Oates’ super hits and some new Montgomery originals. Once aired, the show will be available to view 24/7.

To PREVIEW the episode simply click the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9NaLSr7JDc

To watch the FULL episode when it debuts, simply register at: http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/index.php?page=join

Montgomery has just finished recording a ‘live’ studio album due for release in the fall and will continue touring in the US and Europe. For more information, show dates and press coverage about Montgomery, see http://www.montemontgomery.com and/or http://www.myspace.com/officialmontemontgomery.


Recording Studio Day 5..It's a wrap!

(JB) Damn, it’s the LAST day at Masterlink. Pretty much feel like it’s the end of Christmas day, when all the presents are opened and it’s just another day. Today was more about some overdubs and pianos, but the most fun was doing the video interviews. I think people will see another side to the guys and a perspective on how things went these past 5 days. The “artist” is demanding my attention…Gotta run!

(VC) Yes, we are all feeling sad that the fun is over. How often do you really get to do this? Especially with a funny bunch like this, not a dud in the group (except maybe Monte), just kidding. Actually we are trying to get Monte to take this solo ballad seriously and stop clowning around. Everyone seems a bit punch drunk today, Jessica and David are giggling like teenagers, checking out a mass murderer fan of David’s. They are about to get kicked out of the control room.

Rob Clark is impressing John and Monte with his vast knowledge of recording equipment.

We are gearing up for the big wrap party tonight; the boys are threatening to get nekkid. Can’t wait for that. I’ll be sure to post those photos!

David Piggott here – This record rocks. The live vibe you Monte fans have wanted has been captured. So move over First and Repair and Mirror there is a new record in town. Get ready.

Jessica- My first official day in the studio sadly fell upon the last day of recording the album.

(VC) Young Jessica, as we call her, is Monte’s everyday girl. She’s the one that has to endure him on a day to day basis. He did write a song for her yesterday, however, we will try to You tube that once it’s edited.

So we were sadly done with recording and all headed over to the Indigo Hotel West End for the wrap party. Geoff Mason, General Manager at the Indigo and an all around great guy, took good care of us. We had a deluxe spot in a suite on the 8th floor with a deck that overlooks downtown Nashville. Wine, Beer and Tequila (yes tequila) started to flow. Beth Hooker arrived with her usual entourage that gave just the right party atmosphere. After noshing and drinking for awhile we walked back over to Master Link Studios to hear some rough cuts. Didn’t sound too rough to me. We had theater style seating in the sound room to accommodate our growing party. Topping off at about 25 people, the boys kicked me out of the control room. Quite insulting I’ll tell ya.

Then Bekka Bramlett arrived and both of us being Aries we bullied our way back in. Bekka has a recording studio at her house and was quite blown away by what she was hearing. Friends from the Delbert McClinton Blues Cruise, Bekka and Monte re-connected. We laughed about the time we all ended up at Bekka’s with Bekka and Beth singing “Sara Smile” with Monte. Quite the pipes, those two.

The night then becomes a blurr for me as I stumble in to a taxi, declining the invitation to go out for a night cap with the boys. Who knows what happened next?

Recording Studio Day 4

Hi Folks – I’m going to start you off with John Billings thoughts from yesterday…..

Yesterday was a 4 song day, culminating in a beautiful "How Far". We also got "Let's Go", "Be Still" and "Could Have Loved you Forever", the last having one of the most inspired 3 piece jam sections of the entire CD. These guys were locked together SO tight. We just sat back and marveled at the trio as they locked up and delivered another classic performance. David and Phil are playing as one person and Monte's using this to propel himself into delivering unique takes every time we start recording. I don't ever think I've seen a 3 piece sound so HUGE! Today we knock out our 3 big rocking songs and start working up some of the ballads. David Piggott weeps like a baby every time he hears some of Monte's new stuff. Well, actually, it's me. David only cries on the inside! ;) Phil will still keep it funky and solid as a rock. I love this guy! Yesterday we had Janice from Sweethearts of The Rodeo in on the control room couch. I'd like to ask all beautiful women that grace the session in the future to please dress down, they're TOTALLY distracting me and Rob, the engineer. LOL!! Off to work now, if you can call it that. Can't wait to hear what they're gonna deliver today!

(VC) When I arrived, the boys were suffering from Post Lunch Coma, so coffee was a necessity. As I have apparently been named Vice-President in charge of coffee runs, a special song was penned for me. Check it out on You Tube (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Y4eUsZC7kEs). I’m not sure it was exactly penned, but instead think it was another thing that Monte made up. Imagine that. Sounds a bit abusive, don’t you think? I think they have forgotten who’s boss.

“Can’t Fool Everyone” is first up after lunch and that gets them back in the pocket, as they say. David’s a bit suspicious about my blogging but he’ll have to read it on the net like everyone else. No censorship here. He’s just afraid that I’ll mention his convulsing turtle antics that occur when he’s really hitting his stride. He was right! John Billings reports that David has consistently knocked everything out of the park on this record, but of course he’s never satisfied so off he goes to fix the non-existent “problem”. As he conjures up some Hank Hill, the boys go in to yet another round of studio humor.

Now they are on a roll as Monte announces “Man, I’m awesome”, right on to the next number.

We finish up with “Six String Wooden Friend”, which is pristine as always.

Recording Studio Day 3

Hi again Folks,

We had such an amazing day,

Woody, his wife Tammy and her son Trent were in the studio today. Woody and Tammy are considering relocating to Nashville so I took them on an excursion out in the country to look at a farm for sale. Woody’s vision is to have a recording studio on the farm and as they are both outdoorsman, the country appeals to them both. Trent chose to remain in the studio, as he is a guitar player as well, and an amazing guy so they welcomed him there.

I’m going to let him go now as he spent more time today with Monte than I did……….

Today I had a lot of fun. I thought it was a great experience since I’ve never been in a real studio before. While you’re in the studio you have to be extremely quiet but other than that it is really amazing. All the guys in the studio are really cool and I’ve also had a good experience getting to hang out with them. All and all I had a lot of fun.

Virginia here…… so Trent what was the most surprising thing that happened today? What was the one thing that made you think?...........

When I assumed that it would be a little more serious. All the guys are havin a lot of fun with everything.

Virginia back again….. we had the pleasure of having Janis of Sweethearts of the Rodeo stop by today…… any thoughts Janis?

Yes…. Janis here…I’d love to make a brief comment… I am a new fan of Monte’s…. and having a fondness for guitar players of high caliber, I can more than appreciate Monte’s other-worldly talent. Cutting live is not always a guarantee that magic will be in the air, but it’s obviously the case here tonight. And I get to watch.

Thanks so much to all that got to experience the magic………………………Virginia…talk to you tomorrow.

(MH) I have something to say; David Piggott is a rock god. Pure and simple

Recording Studio Day 2

Hi Folks,

Day Two, amazing, Moonlight Tango, Everything About You and Weight of the World. I got in the studio in time to hear the end of Weight of the World and then on to Moonlight Tango. Truly a joy.

Today Linwood “Woody” Thompson arrived. Friend, Fan Extraordinaire, and instrumental in the opportunity to make this record. He shows up during Moonlight Tango, solo, having flown in from Dallas. His wife and son are driving in from their home in Atlanta and will arrive shortly now. Having met them at Work Play in Birmingham, I was delighted to reconnect.

Woody was telling the story of one of the times he had dinner with Monte, in Boca Raton, and after about 45 minutes he asks Monte “Can I pay you a compliment?” Monte says “Man, it’s been 45 minutes I’ve been waiting” Woody replies “You are the second best quad, I’ve ever heard” Monte says “Quad? What the hell is that?” Woody says “You know, “The Quad”… Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, Front Man…Monte says “Yeah, who’s the first?”. Woody - “I’d have to give that to Paul McCartney” Monte replies, “Well that’s about the only guy you could name that wouldn’t piss me off”

I’m going to turn this blog over to Woody as he is bursting with the energy that only being in the same room with Monte brings…………………..

So I walk into this studio in Nashville to watch Monte perform his magic… the studio is large but amazingly intimate and very cool. I try to blend in but cannot keep the grin off my face when I see Monte and David Piggott in the studio playing Moonlight Tango… and then I realize that Phil Bass is behind the kit… and then the smile grows as I anticipate this reunion.

One thought that sticks out is how laid back the man behind the soundboard seems… just bobbing his head in tempo and tweaking an occasional dial… I watch this for some time and then at the end of one of the final takes of Moonlight Tango… I hear him say, “The kick drum on the fifth beat of the section after the chorus was late… we need to redo that… And then I realize I am surrounded by pros… wait a minute… was this guy who seemed to just be bobbing his head just say, The kick drum on the fifth beat after the chorus was a bit late”? These guys are pros.

Monty Hitchcock: It’s great to see Woody and his lovely wife Tammy along with their “cool as all get out” son Trent. There’s a nice air in the studio today. Sort of an inspired feeling. Everyone is sworn to secrecy at this point but I can say this; something extraordinary happened in the studio tonight. That’s all I can say, but I’ll say it again. Something extraordinary. Get ready.

Recording Studio Day 1

Arriving at the recording studio this afternoon, I realized that the boys were just starting to get comfortable in their new surroundings. We have Chris here filming in hi-def, something I hope to be posting tomorrow. Watching the video on a computer is amazing, the color is so clear and even the sound is amazingly reasonable for a camera mike.

Visually, Monte, David and Phil stand together in one room (what a concept these days) and they face one another. They play as if it were a live performance without retakes or do-overs. That’s always been the phenomenal thing to me about Monte, who does that for real?

The control room is just above freezing, I feel that I will be seeing my breath any moment. David Piggott just walked in and said “Ahhhhh Winter’s Gentle Touch”. A raining 75 degrees out, it’s quite a shock to walk in to the chill of the control room. The equipment requires cooling down and I’ll have to remember to bring a sweater tomorrow.

Monte talks to guitar tech extraordinare, Bruce Mackay, about doing some work to his guitar. Sound frightening to me, that guitar seems like such a delicate flower that I’d be afraid to let anyone touch it. Bruce comes from a long line of gigs, from Emmylou to Nanci Griffith.

A successful day of getting cozy with the studio results in an early knock off, so as not to over-do it on the first day. Lots of energy needed for a big start tomorrow. We have friends and family dropping in from time to time so the next 5 days will be Very Busy.

Also, the boys from Autumn Addict, who are filming the sessions will be starting with two camera’s tomorrow. These Hi-Def cameras capture EVERYTHING. We give special thanks to Debra Metzgar, stylist to the stars for her assistance with the boys hair, and groovin new wardrobe all before their trip to Europe. They look even more like the rock stars they already are. She walked in with a HOT red new hair color and the boys didn’t even recognize her, must be nice to be able to reinvent yourself.

Back soon……………………………………….

Blog From Nashville - Preproduction Part 4

Alright, folks, sorry to say I missed it again today. These boys are knocking out these songs so seamlessly that by the time I made it down there, they were done again and anxious to get in to the recording studio.

So I leave you with Monty Hitchcock…………………

Day four of pre-production was over way too quick, or so it seemed. John Billings said it was really over before it had hardly begun. Of course day four was designed to be a safety net in the first place. By safety net I mean that no one really thought it would be necessary to carry on with pre-production (especially after seeing the way the guys jumped right into the material from Day One), but better safe than sorry. Essentially the guys checked the “feel” of a few arrangements to see if they were still in the pocket (and of course they were) and then it was time to stop. No need to burn out before the first day of hitting the record button. So a few tunes were played and then all the gear packed up and turned over to the cartage company for delivery to the studio the following morning. Dean and Bruce stuck around to see the gear was handled properly and John and I sat down to talk for a bit just so we could assure one another all the bases were covered. They were.

I called Monte at the hotel and he and I met there to review some of the material and discuss the schedule for the next few days. Naturally we weren’t in the lobby bar for more than a few minutes before running into friends. End of meeting. We ended up having a bit of fun visiting with friends both old and new, catching some live music at a club called 3rd & Lindsley, and calling it a night before it was too late.

Rest well. Tomorrow the action really begins. Monte is ready, no doubt.

Blog From Nashville - Preproduction Part 3

Hi Folks, Virginia back again. Another crazy day at M.Hitchcock Headquarters, I completely missed everything yesterday with the exception of the Mexican Food. No margaritas for this focused group. You wouldn’t know it by the photographs and the silliness going on but I promise you, its good clean fun.

I raced down to the studio about the time the boys all left for lunch. What a buzz kill for me. I did have another visit from Phil Kaufman who was in the studio down the hall rehearsing with Nanci Griffith. He was quick with a hug and an obnoxious comment and, of course, his own brand of made up humor. “What does the dyslexic sex addict say to his girlfriend? Nice back, honey”. Admittedly made up on the spot, he laughed harder than anyone else. Check out the picture of us in the studio. Phil thinks it should be the album cover and it should be called “Alone and all pissed off”. Do you think that the Rolling Stones listened to his ridiculous suggestions?

Monkeys seem to be a recurring theme here. Healthy snacks have now been dubbed Monkey Food. Take a look.

The boys have been working hard on their arrangements for the new songs with John Billings jumping in, what an amazing creative process to watch these guys talk a language that only they can understand. It seems as though they communicate without really talking and the changes that are made seem to just come through osmosis. Just when it sounds perfect they make one change that has you saying, Oh Yeah! As if Monte could really improve much, his magic is evident in these study sessions.

I think this was the perfect time to do this record, just back from Europe and the success of the Rockpalast taping. Check out the images from the show. This was a 7 camera, hi definition video that will be broadcast nationally in Germany but also reaches Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands as well as some parts of Switzerland.

The rock star was evident in this taping and they came back high from the experience. The boys are sounding stronger than ever and it’s clear that their vibe is so in sync with each other that it’s kinda freaky.

Hopefully, I’ll get to the studio earlier tomorrow to give you the next update.

Until then………