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Aliens need your help to get back home!

Greetings Earthling friends! Just to keep you all updated on the story: We are an intergalactic Alien rock band that crashed here on Earth back in 1947, then narrowly escaping with only our guitars on our backs we roamed the planet to cultivate our own rock sound. Played with some greats along the way: Robert Johnson, Elvis,The Beetles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Parliament, Van Halen, Nirvana and helped shape the face of Rock n Roll for decades! However we realized it was time to record our own masterpieces, and that is just what we did. Now 71 years later, we are summoned back to play the Galaxy's most recognized UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico! Follow along with us every step of the way, live & barely scripted as we travel 1500 miles to experience local human culture! It's the 'Road 2 Roswell' Documentary! Investigate, share and contribute here:



Thanks for the #1! On the radio tonight, a new video and our new private group!

Thank you all so much for the amazing support and making us #1 here on Reverb Nation (at least for a bit!). Enjoy the new long form video of Fire and The Blood and as for tonight...Tune in to 94.1FM this Monday 1.1.18 New Years day as we are going to be featured at 9:00pm eastern time. website www.bud941.com OR BUD 94.1 can be picked up on the iHeart radio app. Epic. CHEERS AND HAPPY NEW EARTH YEARS!

p.s. DM, text,email,post to anywhere on our networks the word "BELIEVE" and we will add you into our secret "humans only" group named, THE ALIENATED: for exclusive videos,music,news,updates,giveaways, free stuff and other fun surprises!

Mixing almost complete on the next E.pic T.errestrial piece!!

We have finished tracking once again with Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day, Tantric), and are now almost finished mixing with producer Christian Machado of famed NJ latin metal band "ill Nino" (Serosia/End of an Era). Seven new tracks are being mixed while we prepare videos and an astounding new assault on the live show! BELIEVE. Recap from the past cycle: The band's first earthly audio transmissions, in the form of an e.p. named "Landing" was released worldwide in 2013. Produced by Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day, Tantric), this powerhouse of instant classics received airplay across the USA & Canada and began infiltrating Europe in early 2014. Audiences were wowed at the extra terrestrial spectacle that abducted their ear-holes during the firestorm of live performances. At least that's what everyone said when we were reading their minds.

New Members - New Show!

What up good people of Earth!? We have added 2 new members to the BOAR family: Ryan Salamone on Bass and Alex Stephenson on guitar! Our next show takes place at the Haven on Oct 8th and we are revamping our live show like you've never seen! Any local O-town peeps are NOT going to want to miss this one! Its a Full Alien ATTACK!!! BZZZZZZZZZZZZTTT!

New Shows added! Mystery guest bassist!

We are stoked to play a few confirmed shows (Backbooth- 8/15 and then the Haven with D.T.I. on 9/7); and possibly have our first ever-bass player! What will i ever do with all of these modified hybrid guitar/bass guitars I set up? Brace your selves.


2012 was a long road in getting us to this point, but now we are unbelievably proud and amped to bring our first audio samplings to the world! Much sweat, blood and $$$ went into bringing this together so go ahead and support passionate music buy dropping $5.94 on a lil' Alien musica. Thanks for all your love and support!! We'll see you all soon!!!

use this link to buy the goods!! ------- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/landing-ep/id630084649

Song order change

One of our fans Mary W. from Deltona, FL suggested a change to the order of our tunes on the website and BOAR concurs. Rock on lady & thanks for your input!

Final mixes & new songs are in!

We hammered out the last of the details with the songs from our debut e.p. "Landing" last night and we couldn't be happier with the way they came out! Brett Hestla did a phenomenal job at the production wheel and we are grateful for his time and efforts. So enjoy the streams on line and look out for sale spots, videos and shows on the very near horizon!

Mid-Holiday stealth update!

Hey all who are present and all who will be present reading this in the future; We were just messing around in the Reverb "back office" and inadvertently sent notices public, so might as well spit it out: We here at BOAR are on the verge of releasing a 6 song e.p. titled "Landing", with four of the songs produced (and still in mix at the moment) by Brett Hestla (Dark New Day,Tantric,Framing Hanley) and 2 of the songs co-produced by Dave Chavarri of Ill Nino. The two songs by Chavarri are posted for stream at the moment, & some of you may recall first hearing them back in the "Connected" days of NY/NJ. It just seemed right to include these 2 tracks with the more recent material, and when the e.p. is released as a whole it should make sense. Either way, "Homogenized" and "Everybody Dies" have been hangin in the closet waiting for like company for looooooooong enough. Enjoy the samples and we'll keep you posted when the final product "Lands"!

Into the studio!

We are honored and stoked to be joining forces with producer Brett Hestla (Tantric,Dark New Day,Virgos Merlot,Framing Hanley) to record our debut e.p.!

Stay tuned. Standard tuning that is.