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After a long week workin for the man...today i work for me...gonna do what i love and make some noise!...GH and I are gonna work on and hopefully finish "Too Avant Garde for Bob" should have a MP3 up this day...

Im all over the place

Now available at reverbnation -http://www.reverbnation.com/mephistonoisehead - facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MephistoNoiseHead - myspace - http://www.myspace.com/594214108 - and on Twitter

In the Store

Just made available for purchase, A Day in the Life of Lary Adair, LSD Jack, Periods Daddy, The Fine Art of Urine Collection and a song not on my page, Crystaline Detox (there is a video however)

A Day in the Life

OK...had some issues with the sound quality on "A Day in the Life of Larry Adair" as this was recorded on tape over a decade ago...i will get a new and improved copy out asap...also...i have been in touch with G.H.Soundstick and he has agreed to work on a couple of upcomming tracks so be ready for that!


Todays goal is to get "A Day in the Life of Larry Adair" converted to Mp3 and uploaded...

New Video

Just posted the new video for "The Fine Art of Urine Collection" on youtube...a link to the video is on the MNH home page...word


OK...SO...I've been trying to get heard. I have been contacting promoters, clubs, sponsors, etc...they all seem to want an E-press kit, so...here goes. PS. anyone whose gone through this please feel free to offer advice, I wont say no to your help