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Debut Album

On March 29 we will release our debut album. We worked hard and pushed ourselves to our limits making this record. We grew. Both as individuals, but most importantly, as a band. We believe in something that is real, and something that will make you, and us, grow together. We invite you, to Haunted Souls.

-Track listing-

1. The One Within 2. Within Dead I 3. Soulless 4. The Sum (Dead Hand) 5. So Far Away 6. War Chant 7. Past My Prime 8. No Resistance 9. Breathe 10. Enola Gay 11. Smudge

Studio Time!!!

May 25-26 and June 1-2 it's time to hit the studio again. We will be recording drums for So Far Away, vocals for The One Within, Soulless and So Far Away and we will also be re-recording the entirety of Smudge so that the quality will be on par with our other recordings.

And we will of course entertain you with pictures, perhaps a bit of video, and, in the end, release all of the material on Spotify, iTunes and so on. It will basically be an EP for you to enjoy!

Studio Fredman

All right so were´ in the studio right now and recording, and it´s not just any studio.....it´s the legendary Studio Fredman which has hosted many great bands (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Dimmu Borgir and many more). Today is day two and were recording drums on the seceond track....stay tuned for more updates during these days


In October we are hitting Studio Fredman to record our debutrelease. We are also planning some more shows