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The world is watching the flags at half staff Last week Colorado today too close to home mowing down half staff

My county. is. limping. Impotent half staff Limping along to the finish line first First?! “But of course!!! We’re number one, dontcha know…” “Yep, the greatest nation in the world, I recken.” “The super power” The one true religion, er, I mean nation

Ut oh - Oh yes!

The Ego flies high Up the golden towers Trumping trampling our brown, our poor, our hungry middle classes yearning to break free from “The Greatest Nation in the World!” Once was? Maybe Now?

Underneath us still at half staff South Carolina’s Rebel Flag Our founders who stole our land who killed our Natives who brought us “Jeeeeesus!” Yes, U.S. “Heal!”

And we all need to heal “if the guns were just repealed” but they’re already out there an Army of them Cold and Unfeeling Like two yesterday who did the wielding

Rebel one, Rebel’s all We crashed on Plymouth Rock to spread the words, far and wide too strict for Church o’ England Cuz we know better Hell, we know best! Our religion can pass the martyr test

Brothers in arms? We weren’t civil. The Wars I and II The occupation led to Detain-Nation then Guantanamo - and whatcha ya know? It’s happening all over again and again and again and again ad nauseam…

Driving through chaos passing flag after flag on fire bloody ripped My county my flag my heart at half staff

Inspired by The Big Top

I saw a most amazing band last night; MOSTLY. Led by Roxy Valentine with Nate on Synth, it inspired me to continue working on my own songs that "only have keyboard" and my voice. They also brought a very adult/fetish/burlesque twist to the show that is right up my alley! With my incoming family of musicians arriving in September, I forecast new creative heights on the horizon.

April comes in like a Lion

REALLY want to do more music, and don't have the time. Sux. I did some recording of "Food Pantry!", the punk song, but nothing ready to release or upload. At least I got my frustration and voice out there. And Angie's Curse band practice starts again tonight - yay! But my school, my health, my work... arggggg! But I must remain thankful, grateful, and remember to


Busy busy busy bee...

SO much to do right now I can't focus on recording. :-( Quality problems they say. But my voice is getting stronger, my knowledge broader, "my confidence has increased..." (I'll write a FREE Song to the first person that can tell me where that quote was from!)

Hope you all are enjoying your days and thanks for the continued loyalty. Hopefully I'll be able to record and upload soon something fresh.

You like me, you REALLY like me!

Wow - so many new fans I haven't had the chance to thank you all. Hopefully in the coming days.

The writing is still flowing, as it always has since I was able to hold a crayon. Creating the music is much more of a challenge, but one I am definitely enjoying.

Have a couple of friends that want to join me for some possible jams, which is great because I'd much rather create the music with real instruments and record it than using computers, but... hey, I can't complain. I'm lucky enough in my life right now to be able to have the time to record, to write, to sing.

and to feel my feelings.

Keep the faith, The Narrator