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2016 goals

I'm making a couple of serious goals for this year. First & foremost i want to install carpet in my studio, which means emptying everything on the floor, out of there. It will be alot of work but the reward will be well worth it. It will also give me a chance to purge and redecorate the entire room. Lastly, what it's all about.....writing & recording some new music, start gathering material for my 3rd CD. I hope to have pics of the new layout by the time summer gets here. Thanks for takin' a minute !!

First song on the radio

My first song on the radio, from my debut CD 'Ballads" released in fall of '97. This is the softer acoustic version a local DJ asked me to resubmit for airplay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7lAL5idvqo


My goals for 2014 in regards to music, will be to complete my studio, i'll have to empty the entire room when i get some carpet and totally revamp the room and layout. Secondly, i will be trying to add some songs to the list for a new CD, 2 songs down so far. Have a Happy New Year & i wish everyone a prosperous new year and lots of kick a$$ music for all.

Merry Christmas !!!

Here's wishing you and yours and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, see ya next year !!!! 2013 has been a good year, looking forward to an even better 2014.

Pearl ELX Blackburst set

Just brought home a very gently used set of Pearl ELX drums for the studio, got a killer deal on them. I will have to practice to get good enough to record my own drums. Will also be very convenient for any drummer that stops by or comes in for a session.


In the last 30 days alone, i've recorded my 2nd song for my next CD, and also knocked down and moved a wall in my studio, almost doubling the size of my studio. There will be room for a full band now, or a few guitarists, or just some friends. The walls will be covered in music albums, in their covers, thumb tacked to the walls. My guitars will hang on the walls as part of the decor, as well as easy access to pick one up and plug it in, and get to jamming. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music, Mike.

Info & updates

Just wanted to update, my new CD Reflections released January 30th 2013 is now for sale both digitally and on hard copies here http://cdbaby.com/cd/mikekeefer . Also, i posted 2 videos of my original band Keefer & Co. right after releasing my first CD Ballads in '97, the songs are You Lied & Round Bottom Girls. Also, added 2 videos of my former band 10 Foot 6 playing at our hometown venue Damon's Sports bar & grill in Gloucester Va. Lastly, i made a video of the entire transformation from an empty box truck to a full service mobile upholstery shop, i put all the work over top one of my recent original instrumentals 'LP Wars' . Check out the video page & let me know if you like any of it..

Reflections by Mike Keefer

Copies of my CD Reflections, are now available at Winter Sound in gloucester point Va. for $10 per copy.

New CD

My first & only CD to this point was made in '97 in my den on an analog 8 channel tascam, average quality overall to be honest....but a CD none the less. I topped out getting some radio airplay and also promoted the CD w/ a 1 year tour locally. Merged up w/ a local band and formed the band 10 foot 6. Paid my dues playing covers and closing down bars every fri/sat night for 5+ yrs, got burned out on that scene, took a nice lengthy hiatis, now it's back to basics, writing my own music. At the moment, i'm 15 songs in and plan to write 2 or 3 more before entering the mastering stage. I hope everyone listening finds one song they like, i love all kinds of music and am really enjoying the company here @ Reverbnation. I'd like to thank everyone here for listening and being fans, there are so many talented musicians here, it's a great group of people to be associated with as well as a great place to come to hear some great original music.