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I was in the process of writing a new song and I would've posted it online already but my computer caught a virus and died. I tried restoring it last night so hopefully it'll be back up and running tonight.

I've also been having personal malfunctions in my head. I'm in some sort of writer's block and I think inspiration will come back when my computer gets fixed. Dx

For my next song, (not Let Me Forget You) expect to hear some electric guitar in there. But this next song will really be something special and I guarantee it. =D

The Songs So Far

Hey, anyone and everyone who may stumble across this blog. I just wanted to elaborate on my music style and I came up with the lyrics for songs and how or what may have influenced me about them.

For One More Day, I've always wanted to write something really sentimental and meaningful to the people I care for. Ladies and Fellas, you all know how it feels like when you want that special someone or crush to keep you company for a little bit longer. I guess this song really allows for anyone to express this, even though they can't to that certain someone. The lyrics didn't come to me very easily at all. I had to rewrite the verses at least 3 times before I liked what I was hearing. And as for the music, I thought that something slow was very vital. I was looking for something that sounded like a sad and lonely rainy day.

For Precognitive Push, the title is a bit unclear to some. Precognitive, meaning having a vision of something before it happens, and Push..well, it just means that I'M being pushed and I can already see it coming. The original title was Precognitive Push Over the Ledge but it had less of a ring to it and the shorter title allowed for a more ambiguous interpretation. The lyrics were just my way of expressing a current situation I'm in with my love life. As for music, I really wanted to use actual chords as opposed to One More Day where I sorta played around with power chords.

My main focus with my music is my lyrics. As a fan of the Emo genre, lyrics are what drive all of us. I also say lyrics because I'm not too creative at composing music xP

As for any recent shows, I don't think I'll be performing for a while. If there are any open mics anywhere, I'll try for that and if so, I'll inform you all.

For my next song, it's about how we're pretty much addicted to sad songs. It has a fast tempo, (mainly because I think it'll go great when played with electric guitars and drums). It's shorter than the other 2 songs, but the only thing I want with my songs is for the lyrics to really reach and relate to the listener. The song will be on my Reverb Nation page before September 27, 2008.

Keep listening and enjoy! =)