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Embracing the new convert from secular music into Christian/Gospel music

It is evident in that in the current state of HHH, gospel, and reggae gospel music that many secular artists have come to the cross. Let's look at some examples: Hip Hop has seen the likes of Mr. Del, formerly of Three 6 Mafia, Rockwilder (producer of Redman and Methodman), DJ Sematic (former DJ of Fat Joe), DJ Flame (one of the pioneering female DJ's in hip hop music, formerly known as DJ LaSpank), Jin (you already know, LOL), Salt (formerly of Salt-N-Pepa), and others have crossed over and are real about it. Gospel has seen some folk flip flop, let's be honest, but there are many who are real about their convictions having come from the secular world. Some prime examples of this are seen with Kelly Price, Coko (formerly of SWV), and a few others. Reggae gospel as well (which is hugely underated in terms of coverage, hint, hint! LOL) has seen major forces of dancehall's inception and popularity come to the Lord. Artists such as Papa San, Shelly Thunder, Chevelle Franklyn, Minister Goddy Goddy, and Stitchie. These are powerhouses in reggae gospel and y'all have got to check them out. Now, even with these ministers of the gospel through song holding it down with solid convictions and ministries, we as a church body fail at embracing them if they don't "fit the mold." Let me explain what the mold is... The mold is often how one "ought" to dress in and out of the church building (hello!), how one "ought" to speak, how one "ought" to speak, and even the folk one keeps around themselves. Now, since when did the church ever have the right to live by outward appearance only?! Jesus never taught this in the Word of God. You don't see this "mold" taught as apart of God's standard from Genesis to Revelation. This is the same mold that people with wrong doctrine and inaccurate facts teach and preach from very often. We have pastors and motivational speakers a.k.a. pastor in name, not in calling, who have large ministries from these views. I will not name names because that is not how a Christian is supposed to get down unless they have the right and are not sinning in calling their brother/sister out in love. We as a church have the responsibility to seek those who are lost (I don't care what your doctrinal stance is on this, just fulfill Matthew 28 faithfully!) and thus nurture/disciple them to maturity. Hebrews 6 speaks about moving on from 6 elementary truths on to maturity so that we can teach others but so many of us front as teachers. I say this because we have so many immature baby Christians who get pushed or push their way to the forefront teaching out of season. Imagine a 2 year old sucking on a piece of T-Bone steak, it looks cute but it is really dumb because they can't get the nutrients they need from it. So when an artists gets saved or rededicates their lives to Christ, we ought embrace them, love them, teach them, labor with them, and pray for them. Real talk is that we were there ourselves one time, homie. Let's not forget where came from because that is apart of our testimony and apart why we praise God. God brought us out and has brought them out. Do not judge with false accusation and no man can condemn due to the fact that that kind of judgement is reserved for God alone. Two greatest commandments and discipleship all day for the artists who comes to the knowledge of the saving grace of Christ and walks in it.