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some announcements, and wtf evers

And so the new school year begins... On my time off, I haven't record near as many songs as I would have liked to. However the songs I have recorded, prove that I ain't nothing to be slept on. Started out the summer a little bumpy, but towards the end I collaborated with my homie Exkuizit (who I have tons of respect for). I have some more collaborations. And a couple unreleased songs that Pow Pow did before he got locked up. Expect the rest of this year to be unforgettable and I expect to have even more recognition very soon. Check out A Dot WAKE on Facebook and reverbnation. The ninja all about a revolution which the world so desperately needs....2013 has been interesting so far. a lot of partying, Pow Pow going to jail, met some sail boat hippies, realized I needed to stay sober for a while, and found out who my true friends are..and had several heart to hearts with God.. He didn't talk back, but the dude sent me some heavy signs. haha But yeah thank you all for the continuing support. PEACE

Gratitude and Some Annnouncements

I would like to start by saying thanks to all of the people that support me... Thanks, it means the world to me. I am truly blessed. I mean, I'm far from famous, I really love doing this despite not really being "known. But truth be told I kind of like it this way because I get recognition from people who actually listen and not bandwagon jumpers. I love you all, and I am not gonna quite to I'm dead and in the ground. Again thank you, and if you haven't liked the Facebook page or followed me on Twitter, please do so we can keep in touch. I will follow you back on Twitter. Now some announcements: I am not too sure what's happening with the 2 A.M. project and to be quite honest I don't really care at this point. Before we even attempt that we have to straighten out our priorities. I do have a collaboration mixtape coming out with my homie Trai Wheeler and a few other dudes my pop in on the tape. We are witnessing the birth of something beautiful. As of right now that all I have going on, maybe a show by the end of the summer. Who knows? LOL thank you and Godbless.

Words of advice

If you are an artist and are in it for the music, do not treat your live audience like garbage. I assure you that if you do this, you will not get far. Rap, metal, pop, polka, wtf ever. You have to respect your fanbase to get returned respect. If people pay money to see you play let them just watch(this is to all the metalcore bands that get pissed when you dont mosh) i understand yelling and what not, but when you cut your show short because of it and cuss your audience out, thats not cool. I'm not poking fun or degrading anyone by any means. But if the fans aren't feeling your shit enough to move around, dont be a douche about it... music has a tendancy to move people with out some self righteous prick demanding it. Always remember that...I'm done with my rant. PEACE


http://hnhh.co/medso Cop that shit! if you haven't already download it. I firmly believe its some of my best work yet! But an even better tape is right around the corner. 3/13/13. Is the date of my newest release. And its called "Let's Rage!" Its going to be pretty dope with collabs stackin up. Got Wildcard, Joshalo, Young E, Skilly, and a few more hopefully. Thanks for all of your support up to this point. Lets make 2013 count!


Fam, friends and supports, Here's deal, the collaborations will be coming soon. I have massive amounts of material I haven't yet recorded and/or mixed. But just know that in December the whole mix tape is coming. Until then I will be posting songs here and there. As far as my beef with certain artists go, I am going to try and put that behind me for the better cohesiveness of my town, and if the dude I'm feuding with don't feel the same then oh well, I will obviously be the better man. Just thought I'd tell you guys where I stand with my rap project. In other news, if you are in the Northeast, MS area or close parts of TN and AL and you like punk and metal come out to the Iuka American Legion building and throwdown with us, its going to be brutal. I am not performing, but we need an injection of steriods to the pits at these shows. Anyways, thank you for your time. Godbless, Holyhood


truly blessed that people are likin what i do. I appreciate every bit of feedback i get. I have more music comin very soon..Surely by Halloween I should have alot of solo stuff. Over the next couple months imma have some collabs including a 2 A.M. song featuring Jenocyde (trayyvon of WWA) thats if there isnt any road blocks. a bunch of 2 A.M. stuff comin reguardless. On top of that a bunch of collabs including one with my homie Krazie I soon and another with J. Bonds by December. ..on top of more. So yeah big things coming.. maybe even a concert for the 662 fans.. and any artists wanting to collab. hmu. im not a douche haha