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Robin Talks About The Meat Puppets

Robin talks about the Meat Puppets


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Gin Blossoms, Nils Lofgren, Meat Puppets and Celebrity Theatre will be inducted into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame Aug. 17th!


Gin Blossoms Inducted into 2017 Arizona Music Hall of Fame

The Gin Blossoms, along with the Meat Puppets and Nils Lofgren, are inducted into the 2017 Arizona Music Hall of Fame.


Talking 25 Years of ‘New Miserable Experience’ with Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wi

Robin recently spoke with Rock Cellar Magazine about the 25th anniversary of New Miserable Experience

Click on the link below to read the full article


Gin Blossoms' 'New Miserable Experience': The Dark History of a Nineties Classic

Robin and Jesse recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the making of NME.

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Jesse on Adam Carolla's Podcast "The Adam Carolla Show"

Jesse recently was a guest on Adam Carolla's podcast "The Adam Carolla Show." Be sure to check it out!


Kevin McDonald's Podcast w/ Jesse & Scott H. is Up!

Jesse and Scott H. were recently guests on Kevin McDonald's (Kids in the Hall) podcast show. Other guests include Scott Thompson and Dana Gould. You can take a listen at the link below.


NME and CIS Are Available to Preorder On Vinyl

New Miserable Experience and Congratulations I'm Sorry are available to preorder on vinyl for the first time ever: https://UMe.lnk.to/GinBlossomsLPs


Robin recounts his memories of shows at the Celebrity Theatre

Robin recounts his memories of shows at the Celebrity Theatre


. Gin Blossoms DLC Coming to Rock Band 4!

Get "Found Out About You" and "Hey Jealousy" in this week's Rock Band DLC!


The DLC tracks are available individually for $1.99 each. To get the latest updates and news on Rock Band 4 head on over to their website http://www.rockband.com and/or follow them on Twitter @RockBand.