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A Small update, new things coming...

Just an update, "The New Jazz" is coming along nicely, I'm finishing up a song or 2 tomorrow, then getting everything ready for the preview mixtape which I'll be dropping on Datpiff.com entitled, "Proto-Jazz: A New Jazz Prequel" so be on the lookout as a release date for that will be announced within a week.

Update on "The New Jazz"

I had posted back in November that I was working on a new album entitled, "The New Jazz." By that time I had made some serious progress on the record and thought I would have it ready for release by the end of 2012. Then things changed, I got tied up on projects with several MCs and my EDM projects and didn't have the time that I thought I would have to dedicate to the completion of the next DJ Kirk Vito record. For those of you that were anticipating the release, I'm sincerely sorry. Here's the good news, I'm now refocused and going back to work on "The New Jazz" 100%. I can't give you a release date yet, but it should be ready by summer.

Quick Update...

Here's a quick update about what I'm doing. I will be DJing True Grit Entertaintment's new Youtube series, True Grit Entertainment Presents: Satuday Night Cypher, every saturday. Vol. 1 can be watched on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT5s4C2tAwA and on facebook, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT5s4C2tAwA . I'll also continue working on KvK songs for Kaotick to finish when he get's home(He's currently serving his country). I'll still be selling hip hop beats, but I will also begin working on a hip hop instrumental album to release on True Grit entertainment.

Another on for all you wannabe "ill MCs" out there...

Rappers, people who want to be rappers, and people who call themselves rappers even though they lack the necessary skills to actually be one. First off to the last group, quit or get better, but don't annoy everyone with you progress, or in many cases lack thereof. Now to the real meat and potatoes of this post. I mentioned in yesterdays blog how so many of you have no interest in actually making any investment in your career and therefor the music industry has no interest in making an investment in you, well, lest's go one step further. Just because you bought a cheap home recording bundle at Best Buy and have a computer running software that is designed to be a toy and does a sub-mediocre(AT BEST, IN THE HANDS OF A PROFFESSIONAL) job of recording you voice, that does not mean that you should be posting whack youtube videos of you whack offbeat flow over famous rappers' beats. Why do you want to put up shit that isn't good? And yall always justify it with "oh well if I post this and then get better people will see how much I improved." WRONG! Nobody that hears the shit you're doing now will find out how much better you get because once they hear you suck, they're not gonna watch your next video. Another thing, where are production standards? If you recorded something in a bathtub and it sounds like it, don't release it. Even if you are a good rapper, if there's so much reverb that the echo of the last thing you said overpowers what you're saying, guess what? Nobody know if you're actually any good because they can't tell what you're saying. Also, if you're going to say you are the best MC to step in front of a mic, at least have won a battle or two or sold a record or two to back it up. Nobody wants to hear some dude they've never heard of compare himself to legends and insists he's better than them, it just proves that you have no respect for the art of hip hop and the artists that paved the way for you to try it, SO STOP! If you actually want to record stuff and have it heard find an engineer or producer and pay him money to make quality recordings, if you don't, it goes back to what I said yesterday, IF YOU CAN'T INVEST IN YOURSELF, NOBODY IS GOING TO INVEST IN YOU. Basically tom sum it up, if you want to just practice rapping to get better at it, keep it to yourself and your friends, hell record it but don't release it if you really want to hear it, but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RELEASE IT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO HEAR! You're SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT! When you're skills have reached a level where you comfortable with other people hearing it, make the investment in your career and PAY SOMEBODY THAT KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING TO MAKE A RECORDING THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY MIGHT ENJOY LISTENING TO.

How to stand out as an MC.

Rappers, you CAN NOT make a career out of flowing over jacked beats. Not only is it COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, but it's WHACK, and it WILL NOT get you noticed by anyone in the industry. It shows labels that you ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING MUSIC YOUR CAREER. An A&R I was recently talking to told me that before he'll even consider talking to a rapper, he makes sure that the rapper has made the investment in future of LEGITIMATELY LICENSING ORIGINAL BEATS, and if he hasn't, he knows that that rapper is just doing it as a hobby and doesn't actaully want to make a career out of it. With that being said, you can license my beats at http://www.myflashstore.net/djkirkvito If you have an idea you would like a beat custom made for you can also contact me directly through facebook email or twitter and we can work something out. If you haven't already, follow me on twitter @krikvito