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48 Bars Of Truth

Let me talk about 48 Bars Of Truth.. This is one of the realist and honest songs I have ever made. I really wrote this song for me. It was more like a therapy session then anything else. I just had to get some things out in the open. If you feel it that's great. If not then the song wasn't meant for you. This song was meant for me and anyone with real problems/real emotions.


Wow really, I understand that this is an important election. Who ever you like Romney or Obama. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But some of the comments on both sides are just ignorant and stupid. Some ppl are going so far as to delete ppl of their FB. Long time friends are deleting each other off their FB. Really is it that deep. If it is you can go ahead and delete me because you not worth shit anyway. #Im Toumani McCain and I approved this message

Hustlers Game

Just because you have better musicality or skills then another artist doesn't mean that you will have a better career. Music is a hustlers game. Understanding the business side will get you farther in your career. Work hard and don't get out worked.

Spoken Word


I walked into church hoping to get a release from my sins but when i walked in, that's when the judgement and staring began. See i refused to be judged by the same people who were out the night before drinking. Them same people acting like they holy and full of grace, IS THE SAME people who slept with loose women... yesterday. The last straw was when someone asked what are you doing here? But before i could say a word i heard a whisper in my ear. It was god and he said get up and leave cause I am not here. I walked outside and god said look I am in the tree, I am the sky down to the falling leaf. I am in the bird that sings. I am in the cool breeze that cools your face gently. I felt a touch on my back and god said yes I am in everything.